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Juror B37, Mark O’Mara and Jury Tampering

When Sharlene Martin announced that Juror B37 and her husband intended to write a book of her experience on the jury in the George Zimmerman case, it caused me to revisit Juror B37’s voir dire.  Sharlene Martin, now former literary … Continue reading

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Melissa Harris Perry smacks Sean Hannity’s trolling of President Obama’s speech about Trayvon Martin

 Melissa Harris Perry illustrates the conversation some white Americans like Sean Hannity are having about race. Listen how Sean Hannity contorts what President Obama said last Friday, and how he proves what the president said by his own contorted comments.  The stupid really burns … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | Craig Morgan | Country Music Week

Craig Morgan Greer (born July 17, 1964, in Kingston Springs, Tennessee), known professionally as Craig Morgan, is an American country music artist. A veteran of the United States Army, Morgan began his musical career in 2000 on Atlantic Records, releasing … Continue reading

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