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President Obama Speaks at the 150th Anniversary of the 13th Amendment

Please forward video to 45:00 mark. The Blessings of a Black President speaking on the 150 anniversary of the 13th Amendment, and especially in this racially-charged environment in America. THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT! President #Obama gave a powerful speech today … Continue reading

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Video | Speaker John Boehner & House Republicans Want to Sue President Obama

Do you REALLY want to do battle with the POTUS, Speaker Boehner? This is an attempt by the GOP CONGRESS to further DEFLECT/OBSTRUCT/DECONSTRUCT OUR GOVERNMENT & DESTROY DEMOCRACY instead of actually WORKING for the American people. I’m sure this little … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality, The 2012 ELECTIONS, EVOLUTION & History

EVOLVED: I’ve got to give it to my PRESIDENT.  There’s no end to his END game. For anyone thinking that this whole same-sex brouha ha hasn’t been a calculated, well-planned strategy for President Obama to make his announcement today, well, … Continue reading

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Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor Speaks Out On GOP’s Attempts At Voter Suppression

             You just keep telling the truth, Senator Lena Taylor! GOP =  “You just want to limit people’s ability to vote!”

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Rep. Louie Gohmert Advocates Sharecropping As Welfare Reform

My father was a tobacco sharecropper in rural Southern Maryland for the county judge.  We all helped tend the crop, and I can tell you right now, that there was nothing more honorable for my father than to own his own land, … Continue reading

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President Obama Gives Fox News The FINGER!

Photograph by: Win McNamee, Reuters Call them out, Mr. President.  Call out all the thugs, whiners, liars, obstructionist, bigots, birthers and clowns. From the October 2010 Rolling Stone interview. Obama In Command: “Look, as president, I swore to uphold the Constitution, and … Continue reading

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