Rep. Louie Gohmert Advocates Sharecropping As Welfare Reform

My father was a tobacco sharecropper in rural Southern Maryland for the county judge.  We all helped tend the crop, and I can tell you right now, that there was nothing more honorable for my father than to own his own land, free and clear.  He died in March of this year, and left each of his 11 children a parcel of land, free and clear.  We just pay the land taxes. 

Which brings me to this:

Why on earth is this Texan HILLBILLY allowed in the halls of our congressional chambers to spew this utterly shameful, disgusting, racist, bullshit? Make no mistake about it, if this hillbilly advocates this nonsense, you can bank on it that a few of his peers are on board with poor folks going back to the good old days of sharecropping.  Can you say 14th Amendment shenanigans!

Call this cracker crazy all you like, but he believes every word he spews.

More rantings of  Whitey longing for the good old days of slavery

For this cracker to utter these words… give the poor folks land and have them sign any rights away to receive any other benefits that they are rightfully entitled to receive as Americans.  Can you say SLAVERY folks?

To remind those of us who know our history and those who don’t:

Sharecropping & “Forty Acres and a Mule  

With the southern economy in disarray after the abolition of slavery and the devastation of the Civil War, conflict arose between many white landowners attempting to reestablish a labor force and freed blacks seeking economic independence and autonomy. Many former slaves expected the federal government to give them a certain amount of land as compensation for all the work they had done during the slavery era. Union General William T. Sherman had encouraged this expectation in early 1865 by granting a number of freed men 40 acres each of the abandoned land left in the wake of his army. During Reconstruction, however, the conflict over labor resulted in the sharecropping system, in which black families would rent small plots of land in return for a portion of their crop, to be given to the landowner at the end of each year.  Read on.

FYI:  It is no coincidence that when I did a google search for master/slave photos, the images that come up first are images that have romanticized this VILE ACT.

And to end this rant, please note that these greasy, sleazy, muthaf#*kas want to screw with the 14th Amendment to the CONSTITUTION.  Gohmert is just continuing the insanity.

From the Wiki:

The Fourteenth Amendment (Amendment XIV) to the United States Constitution was adopted on July 9, 1868 as one of the Reconstruction Amendments.

Its Citizenship Clause provides a broad definition of citizenship that overruled the decision in Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), which held that blacks could not be citizens of the United States.

Its Due Process Clause prohibits state and local governments from depriving persons (individual and corporate) of life, liberty, or property without certain steps being taken. This clause has been used to make most of the Bill of Rights applicable to the states, as well as to recognize substantive rights and procedural rights.

Its Equal Protection Clause requires each state to provide equal protection under the law to all people within its jurisdiction. This clause later became the basis for Brown v. Board of Education (1954), the Supreme Court decision which precipitated the dismantling of racial segregation in the United States.

The amendment also includes a number of clauses dealing with the Confederacy and its officials.

Memo to Gohmert & GOP:  YOU AREN’T SLICK!  We are never going back to the days of old muthaf*ckas, NEVER!

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12 Responses to Rep. Louie Gohmert Advocates Sharecropping As Welfare Reform

  1. IAjess78 says:

    Ladies, trust me when I say that it is not ALL white folks that have lost their damn minds. As everyone probably knows from experience, it only takes a couple bad apples to spoil the whole bunch. This a**hole is just a bad apple. Actually, as a poor person, I am pretty sure he means me, too! And though I have never been a sharecropper, it doesn’t look very appealing to me as a professional endeavor. Even if those pompous-a** white Conservative Republicans managed to get every single one of their voting members on board with some dumb sh*t like this, there is no way on God’s mighty green earth that the rest of us decent, hard-working white folks with less than $500 in our savings account (which is most of us) would even CONSIDER letting it slide through!! We’re not as dumb as we all look! Lol!

    • Ametia says:

      I’m interested in knowing your thoughts on what has transpired since November 2, 2010, IAjess78, with events in Wisconsin, Ohio, and now MN with this ridiculous nonsense here:

      March 18, 2011 10:00 AM
      War On The Poor: Minnesota Republicans Want To Bust Poor People Who Carry Cash
      By Susie Madrak

      They’re not just crazy, they’re evil — and un-Christian, should they have the audacity to claim otherwise. If only we could force them to live like this, they wouldn’t last a week:

      St. Paul, MN – Minnesota Republicans are pushing legislation that would make it a crime for people on public assistance to have more $20 in cash in their pockets any given month. This represents a change from their initial proposal, which banned them from having any money at all.

      On March 15, Angel Buechner of the Welfare Rights Committee testified in front of the House Health and Human Services Reform Committee on House File 171. Buechner told committee members, “We would like to address the provision that makes it illegal for MFIP [one of Minnesota’s welfare programs] families to withdraw cash from the cash portion of the MFIP grant – and in fact, appears to make it illegal for MFIP families to have any type of money at all in their pockets. How do you expect people to take care of business like paying bills such as lights, gas, water, trash and phone?”

      House File 171 would make it so that families on MFIP – and disabled single adults on General Assistance and Minnesota Supplemental Aid – could not have their cash grants in cash or put into a checking account. Rather, they could only use a state-issued debit card at special terminals in certain businesses that are set up to accept the card.

      The bill also calls for unconstitutional residency requirements, not allowing the debit card to be used across state lines and other provisions that the Welfare Rights Committee and others consider unacceptable.

      Buechner testified, “We’ll leave you with this. It is not right to punish a whole group because of the supposed actions of a few. You in this room could have a pretty rough time if that was the case. It is not right to stigmatize and dehumanize women living the hard life of trying to raise children while living 60% below the poverty level. It is not right to use racist, bumper-sticker hate to inflict human misery for political gain.”

      It may not be right, Angel. But it sure as hell is effective, and that’s why politicians without shame continue to use the poor as their own political punching bags.

      Personally, if I lived in Minnesota, I’d be out looking for skeletons in the Republican closets. It seems to be the most effective way of purging these immoral creeps.

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  3. Vettte says:

    This is so funny…Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You just have to laugh to keep from crying. The Cracker Vote is serious about “No Free Money”. They are seriously mad at people who receive welfare assistance. Work for it dammit! Back to the fields with a white overseer and work for the welfare check. What’s wrong with illegals doing this, isnt this why the flood gates from Mexico are open to East Texas? Oh, wait a minute, this is directed at WHO?

  4. Memo to Gohmert & GOP: YOU AREN’T SLICK! We are never going back to the days of old muthaf*ckas, NEVER!


  5. No, he need smacking across the face!

  6. Is this cracka crazy? These mofos have lost their ever-loving mind.

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