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FMR CIA Director John Brennan Believes America’s in Jeopardy Over Trumps’s “Antics”

Former CIA Director John Brennan on #45: “Mr. Trump” lacks integrity, lies, and mean-spirited, a charlatan, hoodwinks…. Keep telling us how you REALLY FEEL & THINK, Mr. Brennan.

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Video | Rev Al Sharpton Schools Morning Joe Crew On Voting & Racial INEQUALITY

It’s folks like Joe Scarborough that makes it absolutetly essential that the SCOTUS should have left section 4 of the Voting Rights Act INTACT. Typical that the white boys on the panel would defend this nonsense. Where were these MOFOS … Continue reading

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Video | Carl Bernstein & Dr. Zbigniew Brzenzinski On Chuck Hagel

Carl Bernstein NAILS Benjamin Netanyahu on his policies on Israel. “I can say it, because I’m Jewish.” This right here:

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Video | Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen Speaks On Fiscal Cliff Deal: GOP Caucus Nailed Boehner

Dan Senor on the panel, seriously, Joe?

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Videos | Republican Party & NRA Are Stuck On THE CRAZY!


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Video | President Obama Interview: Morning Joe

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Videos | Media and GOP Heartbroken-Heads EXPLODING Over Americans Finding Jobs!

The U.S. economy added 114,000 jobs in September, with the unemployment rate falling from 8.1% to 7.8%, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The August jobs report showed the economy gained 96,000 jobs, with the national unemployment rate … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Goes Nuclear On Reince Preibus & Romney Campaign For Race-Baiting/Birtherism

This is an important moment for morning TV, because Joey Scar usually has the first 3 hours in the morning to push conservatism & “Obama ain’t shit” meme, while brow-beating and cajoling his sidekicks to agree with his every word. … Continue reading

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Democratic Governors Support Democratic President !

Marlyand Governor Martin O’Malley, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and Delaware Governor Jack Markell Share their support of President Obama’s administration and the 2012 race for the presidency. Thank you, GOVERNORS!!!

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NPR’s Michele Norris Memoir: “The Grace of Silence”

Memoir Excerpt:  “I was having breakfast with my Uncle Joe,” Norris tells her NPR colleague, Steve Inskeep. “He was on this rant about how young people have it easy, and they don’t know what other people have sacrificed for them.” Between … Continue reading

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