FMR CIA Director John Brennan Believes America’s in Jeopardy Over Trumps’s “Antics”

Former CIA Director John Brennan on #45:

“Mr. Trump” lacks integrity, lies, and mean-spirited, a charlatan, hoodwinks….

Keep telling us how you REALLY FEEL & THINK, Mr. Brennan.

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6 Responses to FMR CIA Director John Brennan Believes America’s in Jeopardy Over Trumps’s “Antics”

  1. eliihass says:

    One of my absolute favorite people at the moment.. Unless of course he starts mealy-mouthing.. or cowardly backtracking far too many… Fingers crossed, hopefully not..

    Or I find out that he in any way, at any point, ever disrespected my historic FLOTUS.. Dealbreaker for me every time..

    But right now, major kudos to John Brennan..

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  2. He’s a Russian operative occupying the White House. Russia is running our government and the GOP won’t move an inch to impeach this mofo. Frightening times, people.

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  3. rikyrah says:

    He’s not lying.
    He’s not lying one bit.

    I have NEVER in my heart, believed that a President of the United States…
    wasn’t looking out for THIS country.

    Now, I could disagree with HOW he went about it, but, before Dolt45, it was a GIVEN..
    That the President of the United States’ first priority was AMERICA.

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