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Andrew McCabe: Trump said ‘I don’t care, I believe Putin’… about “the intelligence agencies saying North Korea had long range missiles”

There you have it, people! Trump meant every word in Helsinki when he sided with Putin over American Intelligence Agencies. This is f*cking frightening. And our Congress sits in got damn silence.  How much more do they need to impeach this … Continue reading

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FMR CIA Director John Brennan Believes America’s in Jeopardy Over Trumps’s “Antics”

Former CIA Director John Brennan on #45: “Mr. Trump” lacks integrity, lies, and mean-spirited, a charlatan, hoodwinks…. Keep telling us how you REALLY FEEL & THINK, Mr. Brennan.

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Speaker John Boehner and Benjamin #Netanyahu Crossed the Line…

Hat-tip Frank Jones We know that neither Boehner nor Netanyahu are particularly fond of the President, but that’s not …the point. An elected official conspiring with a foreign head of state to undermine U.S. foreign policy and the Office of … Continue reading

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Video/Audio | John F. Kennedy’s Civil Rights Speech | June 11,1963 – 50 Years & The Co-opting by White Liberals

NEVER FORGET We’re still not THERE. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Your boys actually broke the laws and rules, and they are TRAITORS. So no, we’re not going to forget what happen pre or post Civil Rights Movement, Chris Hayes, because it’s … Continue reading

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Eric Cantor, House Minority Whip: Betting Against America?

Time to call the Cantor the Clown and let him know we know. From Think Progress: Eric Cantor’s financial disclosures reveal that he bets against U.S. Treasury bonds. [Cantor], the Republican whip in the House of Representatives, bought up to $15,000 in … Continue reading

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