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Open Thread | There Is No Such Thing As A ‘ Good Republican’.

Kinzinger and Cheney both voted to shut down the government and default on our debts while also denying disaster relief aid. There are no good Republicans. — Matt Murphy (@MattMurph24) September 22, 2021 Periodt. They don’t exist. And, unlike the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | Ok, the Month From Hell Begins….

From Martin Longman: The Month From Hell Has Arrived by Martin Longman September 1, 2017 It’s happened. The Republicans’ month-from-hell has arrived. It’s the month I coined a meat-grinder. And it’s going to get off to the slowest of starts … Continue reading

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Video| President Obama News Conference with Reporters


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President Obama: Debt limit non-negotiable, will not cave to GOP ‘extortion’ demands

President Obama Speaks with Business Leaders on Debt Ceiling, Economy

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Video | President Obama Press Conference – Q & A On Debt Ceiling


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Congratulations On Underminding The Country, Republicans!

Martin Bashir sums it up here: Recall this? Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell Sabotage: The Story Behind The Republican Party’s “Top Political Priority”… When are folks going to get it; that the REPUBLICAN PARTY has been hijacked by racist nutjobs & … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann Really IS As CRAZY As She Appears: Would Vote “NO” On Debt Ceiling,Then Would Fight to Regain America’s Triple A Credit Rating

                  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE-SERIOUSLY? Now check out this latest asinine nonsense from Bachman: From The Hill Bachmann: Obama should call Congress back from recess By Michael O’Brien – 08/09/11 07:35 AM ET President Obama should call Congress back … Continue reading

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John Boehner Walks on Debt Ceiling Talks; Prepared to Take Down a Nation for The Rich

MSNBC WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Friday night that House Speaker John Boehner was “walking away” from negotiations to the nation’s debt ceiling and avert financial catastrophe. Still, Obama said he was expecting congressional leaders from both parties at … Continue reading

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VIDEO | Congresseman Ted Deutch Spins The GOP’s WHEEL Of MISFORTUNE:

                                                                       Rikyrah  Americans, what does your Wheel of fortune look like?  Take a moment and create your own futures. 

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Video | Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, (D Texas) Says Congress Is Complicating Debt Ceiling Because of The President’s Race

Like 3 Chics, we know Americans have been following the beltway drama of the GOP and the need to raise America’s debt ceiling.  If the raising of the debt ceiling is just another procedural duty of congress, why haven’t we … Continue reading

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