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Video | Ezra Klein On The Detriment of Using “False Equivalency “Both Sides DO IT” Argument

Last night WaPo editor E.J. Dionne and Ezra Klein, who sat in for Rachel Maddow spoke on how the use of false equivalency breaks the system for any one who wants to compromise. It only dilutes the issues, which the … Continue reading

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President Obama Speaks on Debt Ceiling Compromise & Signs Bill


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“CHUCKY” Tea Party Dolls Unleased By Republicans: House Speaker Boehner’s Getting the Knife In His Back

  Speaker John Boehner is in the full grip of “Chucky” dolls (Tea Party darlings) his HOUSE.  And they are hell-bent on taking John Boehner or anyone else in their attempts to drive the Black Presidentout of the White House.  dude can’t even get his own caucus to get … Continue reading

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Grover Norquist Pimps The Taxpayer Protection Pledge: GOP Whores Signed It, But Refuse To Sign Debt Ceiling Bill: Is ANTI-TAX ANTI -AMERICAN?

Please EXPLAIN to 3 Chics how an anti-government guy like Grover Norquist can create an anti-tax pledge and get close to 300 elected congress men and women to sign it?  Don’t they take an oath and swear they will uphold … Continue reading

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President Obama: Negotiator-In-Chief = WINNING!

See, peas are soooo small; you can swallow’em without chokin’ on’em.                                                                                               GOP DROPS THE PEAS                                             After President Obama issues some TOUGH LOVE                                                   Mitch McConnell Eating peas Meanwhile, Moody’s not in the MOOD. By Neil Irwin, Wednesday, July 13, 4:44 PM … Continue reading

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