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Thursday Open Thread

The Axes of American Politics Seven Ideologies Underpinning Today’s Politics It is a fact universally acknowledged that every time a member of a political party is criticized by members of their own party, the Internet will get very excited and angry. Don’t they … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand Idol PUSHES LIES, Fear Mongering, & Hypocrisy To Defeat President Obama… SERIOUSLY?

Take a look at the GOP’s golden boy. He’s a monster. America’s “First Principles” for the next generation. In the speech, he said Barack Obama is “committed to his ideology” that is moving us “away from the American Ideal – … Continue reading

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President Obama: Negotiator-In-Chief = WINNING!

See, peas are soooo small; you can swallow’em without chokin’ on’em.                                                                                               GOP DROPS THE PEAS                                             After President Obama issues some TOUGH LOVE                                                   Mitch McConnell Eating peas Meanwhile, Moody’s not in the MOOD. By Neil Irwin, Wednesday, July 13, 4:44 PM … Continue reading

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