“CHUCKY” Tea Party Dolls Unleased By Republicans: House Speaker Boehner’s Getting the Knife In His Back


Speaker John Boehner is in the full grip of “Chucky” dolls (Tea Party darlings) his HOUSE.  And they are hell-bent on taking John Boehner or anyone else in their attempts to drive the Black Presidentout of the White House.  dude can’t even get his own caucus to get on board to vote for a craptacular bill  that would decimate our economy and hurt Americans.  So you have to wonder what is the Tea Party’s end game.

Now that you and your party have fraternized with the Chucky Dolls and have released a summer’s version of “Child’s Play”  Are you happy now? 

LMAO!  Senator Schumer calls them lions being thrown red meat.

And look at this lil gem from Time, and the fake debt ceiling crisis isn’t even over yet.

The weak speaker: How a failed debt vote disarmed the nation’s top Republican

House Speaker John Boehner failed to muster enough GOP votes to pass his plan to raise the debt limit on Thursday night, throwing into question the fate of Boehner’s proposal as well as that of his speakership. Republican leaders must now rewrite the legislation in order to attract more conservatives as they try to pass a revised version on Friday. But considerable damage has been done. Boehner’s negotiating stance in the ongoing effort to trim deficits and raise the debt ceiling by next Tuesday’s deadline is hobbled; any credibility he had in claiming that his restive members could get behind a consensus debt deal has vanished. The Speaker has gone lame.

President Obama to speak at 10:20 am this morning.  Can’t wait to hear what’s shakin’, can you?

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  1. The President tried to warn you….

    Obama: GOP Drove The Country Into A Ditch. ‘Now They Want The Keys Back’

  2. http://democratsforprogress.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7842

    O’Donnell banning Joe Walsh from his program Saying now that the deadbeat dad won’t get to use his show to spread his nonsense. Giving him hell about not taking care of his own kids. Says Walsh can come back when he’s paid off all the money owed for child support.

    Gooooo Lawrence!!

  3. Note to Michelle Bachmann…The tea party is what you’d call gangsta government. The American Taliban!

  4. Call Mitch McConnell’s and demand compromise! 202-224-2541

    Call! Call! Call!

    • I really thought we had moved further along in race relations than this. Boy, was I mistaken! All of the shenanigan bull is because a black man is sitting in the Oval Office. This issue with the debt ceiling would have never happened to a white President. Mitch McConnell hates our President to the bone! But I never dreamed they’d try to wreck the country’s economic progress to try and get rid of him. I am convinced America will never change!

  5. opulent says:

    McConnell wants to defeat Reid bill ..go to filibuster…then deal with POTUS.

    However there is no time and doing this effectively runs the clock out for the bill or any bill to be able to pass in time.

    Unfriggin believable!

  6. opulent says:

    O my God!!

    McConnell says he will not negotiate with REID!!

    Says he will only negogiate with POTUS.

    this is outrageous!!

    Never has a minority leader refused to negotiate with the majority leader!!

    McConnell has decided to fillibuster

  7. opulent says:

    O! Here it is…just asked this question on a different thread.

    Thanks 3chics!

  8. The 22 Republicans Who Bucked Boehner On The Debt Bill


    After a dramatic 24 hours filled with vote delays, arm-twisting, and the Tea Party flexing its political muscle, in the end House Republicans managed to pass Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) debt bill quite easily in a party-line vote of 218 to 210.
    Boehner ended up agreeing to include a balanced budget amendment — even though it has no chance of passing in the Senate. The concession was enough to attract a majority of Republicans, many of whom were elected on pledges to slash spending. The real heavy-lifting now begins between Boehner and Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) who must forge a compromise that can pass both chambers and be signed by the President before the rapidly approaching Aug. 2 deadline for default.

    Despite the last-minute parliamentary gymnastics by GOP leaders, in the end 22 Republicans bolted. Many more wanted to but were convinced to fall in line in support of the bill.
    Here’s the list of conservative Republicans who voted against the Boehner bill. Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA), who faces his toughest re-election in his career, and the entire GOP South Carolina delegation waited until the final seconds to cast their not vote:

    Justin Amash (MI)
    Michele Bachmann (MN)
    Paul Broun (GA)
    Jason Chaffetz (UT)
    Chip Cravaack (MN)
    Scott DesJarlais (TN)
    Jeff Duncan (SC)
    Trey Gowdy (SC)
    Tom Graves (GA)
    Tim Huelskamp (KS)
    Tim Johnson (IL)
    Jim Jordan (OH)
    Steve King (IA)
    Tom Latham (IA)
    Connie Mack (FL)
    Tom McClintock (CA)
    Mick Mulvaney (SC)
    Ron Paul (TX)
    Tim Scott (SC)
    Steve Southerland (FL)
    Joe Walsh (TX)
    Joe Wilson (SC)

    • Other GOP members — and one Democrat — waited until the final minutes to vote in favor of the bill, apparently hoping there would be enough votes to avoid giving the bill the green light.
      Those members are:
      Ted Poe (TX)
      Steven Pearse (NM)
      Dan Lungren (CA)
      Mike McCaul (TX)
      Steve Latourette (OH)
      Doug Lamborn (CO)
      Parker Griffith (AL)
      Sean Duffy (WI)
      Lloyd Doggett (D-TX)
      Michael Burgess (TX)
      Brian Bilbray (CA)
      Joe Barton (TX)

    • opulent says:

      O my!! These are the real true believers!!

  9. @MarkKnoller:Of major importance to WH, Reid bill would extend debt limit past Nov 2012 election all the way to March 2013.

  10. Shady_Grady says:

    The Repubs just passed the modified proposal that includes a balanced budget amendment.
    What a bunch of maroons.

  11. Thought maybe we could all use a small lol today. Your reference to that “Chucky” movie put me in mind of my youngest daughter, maybe eight or nine at the time. She loved her dolly babies, played mommy with them a lot. When she saw the ads for “Chucky” she was freaked out and very concerned about her own dolls possibly going rogue. I pointed out that she was an excellent dolly mom and that her dolls were well-behaved.

    One day I overheard her, with all her dolls lined in a row, tell them: “None of you can act like that “Chucky” doll. He’s bad! If any of you are bad like that I will have to throw you in the ocean and you all know you can’t swim very well. You will drown!”

    I had to sneak off and laugh. Her dolls must have believed her because we never had any Chucky behavior in our house!

    Thanks for the laughs, Chicas. I had totally forgotten about that awful movie.

  12. Call 202.224.3121 & ask for your representive’s office. Speaker Boehner 202-225-6205. Call! Call! Call!

  13. Ametia says:

    Tell it, Rude.
    John McCain Now Should Probably Talk to John McCain in 2010:

    America’s angriest leprechaun hulked out on the Senate floor yesterday. Yes, John McCain shook his sheleighly and chewed his thin pipe as he tore into the obstructionist new House members, reading from a Wall Street Journal editorial that called them “Tea Party hobbits” and said himself that their hopes for a balanced budget amendment in the next week are “foolish” and “bizarro. And maybe some people who have only been in this body for six or seven months or so really believe that.”

    One can understand McCain’s anger over the way that the ignorant teabaggers have taken over his nice Congress. It’s too bad that the Tea Party candidates and the movement had so much support less than a year ago from allegedly mainstream Republicans who desperately wanted to appear ultraconservative, like, well, fuck, you know.

    Here’s McCain on Fox’s Hannity on October 1, 2010: “I think that Tea Party movement in my state and all over this country is not only legitimate, they’re going to be a powerful force in American politics for a long time to come. I want – they also want, by the way, for us to eliminate earmarking and they also, I think, want a balanced budget amendment in the Constitution. I think they also want secure borders. But I think they are a major factor and they are every – everyday citizens who have never been involved before.”

    Here’s McCain on Good Morning America on October 19, 2010: “Americans are very angry. They’re very, very angry. We all know that. That’s reflected in the polls and the intensity of the voters. The Tea Partiers are a manifestation of that. And, obviously, they have struck a chord that is really a remarkable thing.”

    Here’s McCain on Fox’s One Sane Show with Shepherd Smith: “Republicans have got to come through and satisfy those — this — this outcry, this anger and frustration, that’s being expressed. And, by the way, they’re not frightened. That’s being expressed by the Tea Parties and has galvanized this election…our Tea Partiers will understand that we can only do so much depending on what our majorities are, if we have it in both houses. But if we are having a good-faith effort, every day bringing up a spending cut, a repeal or replacement of the most onerous provisions of Obamacare, if we are carrying out that mandate, then I think that they’re going to be happy.” That last part, by the way, is adorable in its naivete.

    You know, at least Dr. Frankenstein realized that he had created a monster and bore the guilt and responsibility for its destruction. John McCain used his fake maverick street cred to legitimize the Tea Party and give it aid and comfort and to help it run rampant through the village. Now he wants to grab a pitchfork and chase it down and pretend he’s just a poor, ordinary townsperson. No, fuck that. McCain doesn’t get to play phony maverick again.

    He now smells this stinky fart he unleashed on the nation. And that motherfucker sure as hell dealt it.

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