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Media Plans to Call Democratic Primary for Hillary Clinton Before California Polls Close

Chris Matthews sat down with Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, and confirmed that MSNBC and several other media networks intend to call the Democratic primary race for Hillary Clinton before polls close in California on June 7. Matthews said … Continue reading

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Video | Chris Matthews | The Far Right’s HATRED for President Barack Hussein Obama

THEY HATE THEM Transcript: HARDBALL July 25, 2013 Chris Matthews: Let me finish tonight with this. I said it before and am now saying it again. There are too many people on the American right who hate the very notion … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews Goes Nuclear On Reince Preibus & Romney Campaign For Race-Baiting/Birtherism

This is an important moment for morning TV, because Joey Scar usually has the first 3 hours in the morning to push conservatism & “Obama ain’t shit” meme, while brow-beating and cajoling his sidekicks to agree with his every word. … Continue reading

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President Obama To Chris Matthews: YOU’RE A “SHIT-STIRRER” & YOU’RE GOOD AT IT; ONE of The BEST

Still got that TINGLE up your legs, Chris?

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Jenny Sanford Blames Media For Newt Gingrich & South Carolina Electorate’s RACISM

Here’s the exchange: CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Why do you think people like Newt Gingrich bring up issues like food stamps in these discussions? I haven’t heard that phrase in years and all of a sudden it’s all over the place with … Continue reading

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Grover Norquist Pimps The Taxpayer Protection Pledge: GOP Whores Signed It, But Refuse To Sign Debt Ceiling Bill: Is ANTI-TAX ANTI -AMERICAN?

Please EXPLAIN to 3 Chics how an anti-government guy like Grover Norquist can create an anti-tax pledge and get close to 300 elected congress men and women to sign it?  Don’t they take an oath and swear they will uphold … Continue reading

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Cynthia Tucker Smells Elephant Dung: Obama Caused Whites To Fear A “White Minority”

  3Chics Smells it too, Ms. Tucker!       On  Sunday, September 5 “The Chris Matthews Show” Cynthia Tucker said, “We haven’t talked about the elephant in the room, and I don’t mean the Republicans: race. Changing demographics. Fear … Continue reading

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