Grover Norquist Pimps The Taxpayer Protection Pledge: GOP Whores Signed It, But Refuse To Sign Debt Ceiling Bill: Is ANTI-TAX ANTI -AMERICAN?

Please EXPLAIN to 3 Chics how an anti-government guy like Grover Norquist can create an anti-tax pledge and get close to 300 elected congress men and women to sign it?  Don’t they take an oath and swear they will uphold the CONSTITUTION

We know the debt ceiling will be raised before the August 2 timeline, it’s all political theater, grandstanding, and further attempts of OBSTRUCTIONISM.  The GOP really need to be charged with treason.  

 3 Chics thinks it’s important to inform the community about the shadow groups like Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform.  Who exactly are these Americans that benefit from no taxes?

14 years without a tax increase; now how’s that working for us so far, folks?

How does this greasy-haired bastard get so much power to form a group aside from our UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT and wield a one page document in front of our elected United States Congress and state officials to sign pledging not to vote for raising taxes NO MATTER WHAT?   And of course what meme does Nroquist push?  It’s Obama’s fault!  SMGDH


CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer here: 

Grover Norquist on tax reform and debt negotiations.  Soft ball Blitzer


Check out Ali Velshi:


And Hardball’s Chris Matthews takes Norquist to task here: 

and here… Can’t post enough links to this classic takedown of Norquist

Why the GOP Won’t Compromise


Here are your 112 Congress pledge signers.

Now the GOP fears getting Pimp-Slapped by Norquist and the Tea Party crazies.  Remember Grover Norquist is not an elected official, he’s a Harvard grad, anti-government, anti-tax, weenie who is calling the shots about OUR GOVERNMENT!

Click here, to see who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Think about this when you go to the polls in 2012 and beyond.

 And folks, some of us are voting for these greedy, shady, bastards.

Van Jones echoes 3 Chics’ sentiments here:

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34 Responses to Grover Norquist Pimps The Taxpayer Protection Pledge: GOP Whores Signed It, But Refuse To Sign Debt Ceiling Bill: Is ANTI-TAX ANTI -AMERICAN?

  1. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    I want to thank Norquist for being instrumental in helping those Republicans get booted out of Congress when it is time for the people to vote this coming elections.

  2. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Hey SouthernGirl2 and Ametia:

    I just dropped by to say hello and check y’all out today. Granny is pulling out her laptop this election season because rain, sleet, nor snow is not gone hinder me from posting during this election season. I plan to endure the pain, come out slugging, and make sure my two cents gets read too. We’re in the fight for our lives for real this time.

    I didn’t see your response to me over at Rippa’s until today after I checked my email. I had left after I posted my comment. Well…y’all should know me by now that when I don’t reply back that I’ve left and went on to visit other blogs or signed off. When I am online, I try to make my rounds and visit all of my favorite blogs even if I don’t comment.

    Nevertheless, I see you and Ametia are holding it down, exposing the lies, and deceit. Keep up the good work!

    Love y’all

    • Happy New Year, Granny!

      I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the upcoming election. I know it will be good. We are in the fight of our lives. We have to push folks to register to vote and occupy the voting booth.

      Don’t fret about the thread at Rippa’s. All is well! So nice to see you again.

      • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

        Happy New Year, to you, Rikyrah, and Ametia! I pray that all of you are blessed with an overflow of blessings this New Year.

        I’m gearing up now and getting ready for the battle up ahead. I’ve been warming up the fish grease. Y’all know how hot fish grease has to be to fry fish because I got a few fish to fry this coming election season. *wink*

  3. I want Norquist to get his comeuppance! I hate to go there, but if a black person did what Norquist has done, they’d have been brought up on charges of treason before sundown.

  4. Mark C says:

    Im a capitalist who believes that Grover Norquist is undoubtedly a bigger threat to us than Iran ever will be. His influence needs to end now. Please sign and forward this plede:

  5. Ametia says:

    The Hill tells ‘Morning Joe’ GOP lawmakers ‘want out’ of Norquist tax pledge
    By Geneva Sands-Sadowitz – 12/01/11 11:28 AM ET

    The Hill Managing Editor Bob Cusack and reporter Russell Berman spoke Thursday with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” about the growing number of GOP lawmakers who have disavowed Grover Norquist’s pledge against supporting tax increases.
    “Some Republicans, they say, ‘I signed the pledge a decade ago, but I want out of it’ and Grover says, ‘No, when you sign the pledge it’s forever,’ so more and more Republicans are going after Grover,” Cusack said.

    watch it here:

  6. Ametia says:

    Does The Norquist Tax Pledge Only Apply To The 1%?
    December 1, 2011
    By Ray Medeiros

    According to Grover Norquist and his pledge, once taxes are cut they can never be raised, right? Raising them to previous levels constitute as raising taxes, even closing loopholes, eliminating deductions and carve outs are considered tax increases. That is the reason the super committee failed to compromise and that is why President Obama’s jobs bill is not gaining traction.

    Yet these same Republicans who have signed this pledge are willing to allow the payroll tax cut to expire and raise taxes on millions of middle class people by the end of the year. Is this an indication that the Grover Norquist pledge is only applicable to the 1%? Is it that the tax pledge is only geared to the income tax? There seems to be an ambiguous loophole in the tax pledge, don’t you think?

    Economists have stated that allowing the payroll tax cut to expire could cost the United States economy up to 400K jobs. This is, first and foremost, proof that customers are the job creators, not the bankers or the elite wealthy 1%. Second this proves that the Republicans are not at all concerned about raising taxes on people, as long as it’s not on the wealthy.

  7. Ametia says:

    Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 11/28/2011
    Grover Norquist: a misleading accounting of recent history

    By Glenn Kessler

    “Raising taxes slows the economy. Raising taxes kills jobs. Government spending does not create jobs. The idea that if you take a dollar out of the economy from somebody who earned it, either through debt or through taxes, and give it to somebody who is politically connected, that there are more dollars around? That if you stand on one side of the lake and put a bucket into the lake and walk around to the other side in front of the TV cameras, pour the bucket back into the lake and announce you’re stimulating the lake to great depths. We just wasted $800 billion on stimulus spending that added to debt that killed jobs. There are fewer jobs than before.”


  8. GOP unlocks the Norquist tax pledge

    [wpvideo 1itwktyG]

  9. GOP lawmaker: I didn’t agree to marry Grover Norquist forever

    Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) is one of 40 House Republicans who say that increased revenues must be part of the Super Committee deal to reduce the nation’s debt.

    Those Republicans joined 60 House Democrats in signing a letter calling on the Super Committee to “go big” and cut $4 trillion instead of instead of the $1.5 trillion they are aiming for.

    “Will you support more revenues?” Fox News host Mike Wallace asked Simpson Sunday. “Either from raising tax rates or cutting deductions as a part of the plan to cut the deficit?”

  10. Ametia says:

    Check out Smartypants’ thread

    Norquist vs defense hawks

  11. Ametia says:

    November 03, 2011 1:25 PM
    Quote of the Day

    NBC’s Luke Russert had a good question for Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) at his weekly press conference this morning: is Grover Norquist a positive influence on Republicans?

    (ME: Wonder how many credits Luke got for conjuring up that question)

    Boehner, apparently unwilling to answer, replied, “It’s not often I’m asked about some random person.”

    The problem, of course, is that as far as the congressional GOP is concerned, Norquist isn’t some random person at all — he’s the guy who forces nearly every Republican candidate to sign an anti-tax pledge that, in turn, makes bipartisan attempts at governing practically impossible. The GOP can’t even bring itself to consider compromises because of the handcuffs he asked Republicans to put on.

  12. Ametia says:


    Super Committee Republicans Get Earful Over Loyalty To Grover Norquist
    Brian Beutler- November 2, 2011, 12:30 PM 15955274

    While Super Committee Democrats are pressed to accept unpopular, and illiberal proposals like raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67 over several years, Republicans are under increasing pressure to cut Grover Norquist loose.

    The well-funded anti-tax crusader has secured pledges from the vast majority of Republican members of Congress, including all six GOP members of the Super Committee, to never raise taxes on net. And that’s the key reason the panel is deadlocked with just three weeks until its deadline.

    Yesterday, at a public hearing, those six Republicans got an earful from one of their former colleagues — retired Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY).

    “Just a quick note about Grover Norquist,” Simpson testified. “If Grover Norquist is now the most powerful man in America, he should run for president. There’s no question about his power. And let me tell you, he has people in thrall. That’s a terrible phrase. Lincoln used it. It means your mind has been captured. You’re in bondage with a soul. “

  13. Ametia says:

    October 4, 2011, 6:34 pm Republican Criticizes Norquist for ‘Paralyzing’ Congress

    Who is this Grover Norquist, anyhow? To hear Representative Frank Wolf tell it, the antitax activist is a questionable character with some “unsavory” connections who has too much influence over the political process.

    Mr. Wolf, a Republican of Virginia, on Tuesday delivered a stinging rebuke of Mr. Norquist, who heads the group Americans for Tax Reform, for pressuring candidates and lawmakers — including all six Republicans on a special deficit reduction committee and virtually the entire House Republican caucus — to sign a pledge not to raise taxes or impose new ones. (Mr. Wolf is one of six House Republicans who have not signed it.)

    Mr. Wolf made clear he was not calling for tax increases but said lawmakers must consider all options, including “reforms to make the tax code simpler and fairer and free from special-interest earmarks.” But, he said, Mr. Norquist’s pledge is a major hurdle.

    “Have we really reached a point where one person’s demand for ideological purity is paralyzing Congress to the point that even a discussion of tax reform is viewed as breaking a no-tax pledge?” Mr. Wolf said in a speech on the House floor.

  14. Ametia says:

    Most local GOP candidates take pass on no-tax pledge
    Norment: Not a determining factor to Hampton Roads voters

    October 31, 2011|By Todd Allen Wilson, | 757-247-4765

    While they oppose raising taxes, especially during an economic downturn, five out of six local Republican candidates for the General Assembly are saying no thanks to GOP political operative Grover Norquist and his Americans for Tax Reform’s no-tax pledge.

    Senate candidates Mickey Chohany and Thomas Harmon and House of Delegates candidates Mike Watson, David Yancey and Keith Hodges have all taken a pass on the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge,” which simply states, “I pledge to the taxpayers of the (blank) district of the state of (blank) and all the people of this state that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

  15. Ametia says:

    Grover Norquist’s Culture of Corruption
    Ari Berman
    July 21, 2011

    Grover Norquist is once again playing kingmaker, determining not just the direction of the Republican Party but of the entire US economy. His anti-tax zealotry has made it virtually impossible for Republicans to cut a sensible deal to raise the debt ceiling. But just yesterday, Norquist seemingly flip-flopped and said that the expiration of the Bush tax cuts would not violate his anti-tax pledge, leaving the door open to Republicans supporting a “grand bargain” deal to cut spending, lower corporate taxes and restructure Social Security and Medicare, which sounds like an awfully good offer for the GOP (for Democrats, not so much). The White House is using Norquist to bolster its case while every reporter in Washington is amplifying his words. Norquist has since walked his original statement back.

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