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Videos | Chuck Hagel Nomination Hearings For Secretary of Defense

Confirmation hearings begin today for Chuck Hagel.  Watch it live now on C-Span. We;ll post full video when available. Updating with video excerpts: Usual suspects on Israel Chuck Hagel DEFENDS his record

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Video | Rachel Maddow Likens Chuck Hagel As “Another Todd Akin & Richard Mourdock- Seriously?!

It appears and sounds like the so-called Liberals want DRAMA over the upcoming Chuck Hagel confirmation hearings Maddow takes her cues from Andrew at Buzzfeed From SG2: Rachel Maddow thinks gays have a right to stop Hagel from getting confirmed. … Continue reading

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Video | Carl Bernstein & Dr. Zbigniew Brzenzinski On Chuck Hagel

Carl Bernstein NAILS Benjamin Netanyahu on his policies on Israel. “I can say it, because I’m Jewish.” This right here:

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Video| President Obama Nominates Chuck Hagel And John Brennan For Key National Security Jobs

President Obama nominates Chuck Hagel for SEcretary of Defense and John Brennan to serve aa CIA Director.

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