Video | Rachel Maddow Likens Chuck Hagel As “Another Todd Akin & Richard Mourdock- Seriously?!

It appears and sounds like the so-called Liberals want DRAMA over the upcoming Chuck Hagel confirmation hearings

Maddow takes her cues from Andrew at Buzzfeed

From SG2:

Rachel Maddow thinks gays have a right to stop Hagel from getting confirmed. She knows damn well the Secreatry of Defense doesn’t set policy. The SoD works for PBO. These whiney ass LGBTs think they can tell the president who to pick for his cabinet. The shit is out of hand.


Of course the president sets the policy for his cabinet, and to think that PBO would nominate Chuck Hagel with the intentions of him going against set policy regarding DADT or DOMA is LUDICROUS.

SG2: Have you ever heard them say ONE thing about Bill Clinton signing DADT & DOMA into law? Hell no, but they blame Pres Obama because he didn’t act fast enough. BTW…if she can’t accept Hagel’s views have changed then she can’t accept anything from PBO. At one time, President Obama said he believed marriage was between a man and a woman and he did’t think gay marriage is a civil right but now his views have changed.

Ametia: Maddow followed the Buzzfeed crowd with this segment last night. She wants the drama and is setting the stage for a confirmation showdown. She wants her LBGT views to go on the record before the hearings.

SG2: Here is the video PBO speaking about gay marriage from a few years ago.

PBO in 2004: “I don’t think marriage is a civil right.” He said that gay people have rights that need to be enforced, but marriage was not among them.

Flashback: Obama Believes Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

SG2: Funny when African Americans complain about the discrimination & atrocities we’ve suffered, we are told to move on. But 14 yrs isn’t long enough for people like Rachel or some white gays when someone disagrees about gay marriage. Hell, slavery was brutal and barbaric. We are still suffering from the effects of it some 200 or so years later but we must move on but let someone disagree about gay marriage and it’s unforgivable..even if it happened 14 years old. Do you see how these bastards are? Ugh

Ametia here:

There’s nothing 100% progressive with President Obama, and for Maddow and Co. to NOT see the BIG PICTURE here, when it comes to this President’s nomination of Chuck Hagel, just boggles the mind. This DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT is trying to gain control of and reshape AMRERICA’S military. America’s not looking for “WARS WITHOUT END.” At least this administration’s goal is not to keep us in endless chaos and war. But this appears to be what the whiney, purist lefties want. First they BTICH & MOAN about DRONES, and now about a pending SoD’s former stance on gays and his views on abortion.

What exactly do folks want; PERFECTION; 100% PURE LIBERAL Appointees? GTFOH

How does a democratic POTUS go about doing this? By nominating 3 Vietnam war veterans to serve with him. Men who have been on the frontlines of WAR, who won’t send our men and women to fight never-ending wars, to lose limb and life, for what?

Pray tell what the fuck does Chuck Hagel’s past views on abortion and gays have to do with his ability to serve as Secretary of Defense; when we’re trying to draw down troop and get them the HELL out of Afghanistan, when we’re trying to scale back on defense spending and reshape our military and our national security creds, when this Administration has already burried the dead, beaten horse of DADT & is now working on DOMA.

THE POTUS IS PRO CHOICE, HIS VIEWS HAVE EVOLVED ON GAY MARRIAGE. Chuck Hagel can more than hold his own in the confirmation hearings. SO…


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43 Responses to Video | Rachel Maddow Likens Chuck Hagel As “Another Todd Akin & Richard Mourdock- Seriously?!

  1. rikyrah says:

    I like Hagel because he’d be the first enlisted man to become Sec. of Defense.

    I like Hagel because he doesn’t bow down to the 51st state.

    I like Hagel because HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT IRAQ.

    And, I like Hagel because I think he’ll have the President’s back.

  2. majiir says:

    It gets on my LAST nerve when folks like Rachel Maddow criticize PBO and his nominees after all they tolerated under 8 years of GWB, when they should have been screaming about his failures and missteps from the rooftops. Chuck Hagel said something offensive about gay persons in the past, but today’s screamers are conveniently forgetting that he apologized for it, and that there is no way that the president will allow Hagel to become a loose cannon in his role as Secretary of Defense in his administration. Some on the left are just as toxic to PBO’s ability to govern as some on the right. I believe that those of us on the left have the right to express our opinions, I also believe that our opinions should represent legitimate concerns and not BS that is over a decade old, and that those opinions shouldn’t be based on purely personal motives, which I believe is the basis for RM’s recent nutty behavior. I barely watched her program before the president nominated Hagel for SoD, but I definitely don’t watch it now. I have no stomach for emo progs and PLers who think they should have the power to determine whom the president nominates to this cabinet. Since they were able to tolerate the odious warmongering Rumsfeld who led us into the disastrous invasion of Iraq, Hagel will be a breath of fresh air. Sometimes some on the left bitch the party all the way out of power. Evidence of this exists as recently as 2010, when some on the left with huge public platforms decided they wanted to “teach” PBO a lesson, suppressed the dem vote, and ushered in the worst Congress in U.S. history. As far as I’m concerned, at this point, they can all sit down and STFU. President Obama has this. He didn’t need them to “guide” him before 2008, and he doesn’t need them now.

  3. Ametia says:

    Yep, the PBO’s got a problem with diversity started with Moaning Joke and contnued on Hardball, Ed, Rachel and now LO’s got Barney Frank on pushing for Gov, Patrick to appoint Frank as interim Senator. SHAMEFUL. These white muthafuckas trying to tell the BLACK MEN IN POWER WHAT TO DO.

  4. Ametia says:

    President Obama has won a second term against all the hate, racism and CRAZY. Now what does the NYT, MSM pundits and progressives do, jump on the RWNJ bandwagon and ACCUSE POTUS OF RACISM. That’s all this diversity BULLSHIT is. We know and they know it’s not about diversity, at least not the kind they’re thinking of.

    It’s driving the PUMAs crazy, now that Hillary Clinton’s getting out of dodge. They want PBO to fill up his admin with more BECKIES1 Just ’cause, you know they’re entitled, don’t cha know!

    And to this day, they cannot stand it that PBO has that beautiful BLACK WIFE & FIRST LADY Michelle Obama up in that WHITE HOUSE, sitting on that throne. She took their crown and sitting on their throne. So to prove that they still matter, have some value, they’re whining to get more of them in his adminstration!

  5. Hey 3Chics, yeah, they’re at it again–I mean both sides: the emoprogs and the wingnuts. It’s a never ending circus. This rant Maddow is on now about the SoD nominee and this incendiary “diversity” sh*t other pundits/MSM are carrying on about is giving me a headache. To be honest, I don’t even watch TV news/cable TV anymore. So I could care less about what Maddow and the others think. But this senseless ranting from these so-called “progressives” just needs to STOP!

    It’s the same kinda craziness they spewed when Pres Obama was elected the first time.
    Remember? They almost had a conniption over his selection of Rick Warren to give the invocation for the inauguration in 2008. This time around, now that President Obama has selected Myrlie Evers-Williams, widow of slain civil rights icon Medgar Evers, to deliver the 2013 inaugural invocation , we hear crickets. I mean, why don’t the emoprogs have any words of praise for the fact that Pres Obama has given this task to a WOMAN who happens to be BLACK — since they wanna complain about him not having women more visible or having enough diversity. To paraphrase Sojourner Truth, “Ain’t [Murlie Evers-Williams] a woman?” And just like some of the comments on Twitter said: Where was the praise from NOW for the selection of visible black women in the Obama administration? Where was the defense of black women like Michelle Obama, Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett, Lisa Jackson and others when they were unfairly attacked in the media? Aren’t they women, too? Don’t they represent diversity? Can white “progressive” women have these black women’s backs, too? And I don’t even want to get started on those gay & lesbian “progressives.” Let me stop…

    A bunch of hypocrites and racists—that’s what these progressive pundits and MSM people are!

  6. John Nichols‏@NicholsUprising

    David Letterman nails it: “They’re saying Hagel may be unwilling to send troops into a war zone needlessly. What kind of a nut job is he?”

  7. vitaminlover says:

    Obama knows what he is doing . Maddow WISHES that she knew what Obama is doing. She is out of the loop and doesn’t like it. She needs to get over herself!

    • Ametia says:

      Maddow wishes she were President.. Remember this little stunt?

      • Maddow thinks she has to tell the black Potus how to govern, who to pick as his cabinet members b/c she is soo much smarter than the NIC. Like Rikyrah said..fuck her!

      • vitaminlover says:

        yackety,yack, yack, yack!

      • Ametia says:

        LOL It’s ALL about Rachel, the Rhodes Scholar!

      • jamalA says:

        I missed that one, despite all the theatrics the POTUS, Lisa Jackson, and Dr Chu were there on the shore before the rest of the US realized what we were about to face… Dispite all the fanatical hopping up and down by Anderson C, Bobby Jindal and that historical bigoted parrish for what the limits of what GOV’T could do the patient choice to stick with Dr Chu advice has largely been vindicated… Again crickets.

      • Ametia says:

        jamalA; don’t forget Skeletor James Carville Hollering:

        “The President better get down HEEE-YA!

        It’s killing these white folks that this black man is THEIR president. Just can’t take it that he has the power once thought only for them.

  8. jamalA says:

    AHHH! When the LBGT attacks, I watched TRMS online last night and it struck me too as… odd? Almost like she was protecting her a*s? Sometimes when they start screaming somebody needs to remind them its, “NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!” … Besides she’s smart enough to know all the SALT thrown the LGBT’S way was cover again for the MSM to once again go safe and avoid their own complicity in prolonging the (as you already stated) endless war machine, BY NOT learning the lesson of Vietnam, by refusing to show video of the carnage of war… hiding behind the lie that Americans can’t handle the BLOOD, added to running as far as they can from offending Israel….. I hope they’re reading your page!

  9. Chuck Hagel pick: Final snub of George W. Bush

    The final insult to George W. Bush’s foreign policy may have come in the form of a Republican ex-senator from Nebraska.

    Chuck Hagel’s nomination for secretary of defense has stirred opposition on both the left and the right, but the most vehement objections have come from the conservative, interventionist foreign policy community — the so-called neoconservatives who created the ideological architecture for the wars Bush launched in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Hagel said it in 1998.

    He has since apologized for it.

    That’s good enough for me.

    Fuck Maddow and the rest of these mofos.

    Chuck Hagel is more than qualified to be Secretary of Defense.

    She needs to go somewhere, sit down and S-T-F-U.

    • Ametia says:

      Seriously though; where in any of Hagel’s statements about abortion or rape did he say women’s bodies have a way of “shutting that whole thing down.” or Rape is “God’s plan?”

      Those statements by those wingnuts were BEYOND THE PALE. If she was trying to be snarky…

      Maddow’s whole segment was FULL-O-FAIL.

    • What you both said!

  11. Israeli Think Tank Defends Hagel Against Right-Wing Smears #p2

    An Israeli think tank on Wednesday vigorously defended Chuck Hagel against right-wing smears that he is anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and weak on Iran.

    Molad, the Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy, wrote in a report released today that Hagel’s nomination as the next Defense Secretary should not have anything to do with Israel, but the fact that Israel’s “self-anointed supporters” dragged the Jewish state into the debate, the group felt compelled to respond:

    Senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Secretary of Defense is an internal American matter and, as such, should not involve Israel. In fact, the insertion of Israel into American political debates, often by its self-anointed supporters, does Israel a great disservice. Making it a partisan wedge or a hindrance on American interests harms Israel’s long-term interests. Having been dragged into the debate, Israelis deserve a truthful picture of Hagel’s views and his record, not the caricature painted by right-wing propagandists.

    A candid inspection of the Senator’s record leaves no doubt about his support for Israel and his commitment to its security. Chuck Hagel is responsible, knowledgeable, and courageous when it comes to Middle East policy. Presenting his independence and refusal to toe the radical right’s party line as anti-Israel is demagoguery that serves neither the United States nor Israel.

  12. Chris Moody‏@Chris_Moody

    Colin Powell will be on Meet the Press this Sunday to vouch for Chuck Hagel for Defense Sec.

  13. Chuck Hagel Expanded On ‘Aggressively Gay’ Slur In 1998

    Then-Sen. Chuck Hagel’s remark to the Omaha World-Herald in 1998 that Clinton ambassadorial nominee James Hormel was “openly aggressively gay” was only a part of what Hagel told the paper about his opposition to Hormel’s nomination.

    In additional comments that appeared in the same Omaha World-Herald story on July 3, 1998, Hagel said that Hormel’s gay conduct in public goes “beyond common sense” and concluded that a gay performance group of men in drag as nuns was “anti-Catholic” upon seeing a video of Hormel at one of its events.

    Hagel told the paper at the time that being gay shouldn’t disqualify a candidate from being an ambassador, but that Hormel’s conduct would diminish his effectiveness.

    Hormel “very aggressively told the world of his gayness and the funding and all the things he’s been involved in,” Hagel was quoted as saying. “I think you do go beyond common sense there, and reason and a certain amount of decorum.”

    “If you send an ambassador abroad with a cloud of controversy hanging over him,” he said, “then I think it’s unfair to our country, it’s unfair to the host country and it’s unfair to the ambassador because the effectiveness of that individual is going to be seriously curtailed. That’s just a fact of life. And I believe Hormel’s situation is one of those.”

    The quote from the article that has received widespread attention since Hagel’s name was first floated as President Obama’s likely Pentagon nominee had to do with the standard ambassadors should be held to. “They are representing America,” he said. “They are representing our lifestyle, our values, our standards. And I think it is an inhibiting factor to be gay — openly aggressively gay like Mr. Hormel — to do an effective job.”

    Hagel also told the World-Herald he has seen tape of Hormell at an event by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a San Francisco-based performance and activist group comprised of gay men in drag as nuns.

    “It is very clear on this tape that he’s laughing and enjoying the antics of an anti-Catholic gay group in this gay parade,” Hagel told the paper in the 1998 interview. “I think it’s wise for the president not to go forward with this nomination.”

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