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President Obama Promises, He Plays Well With Others…Until… “Someone Comes At “Me”

Video-Hat tip BWD-Thank you! “If someone comes at me, I will knock them out.”  And if folks need a refresher, see videos below.  **EXHIBITS** Ask the GOP about this: EXHIBIT A:  BALTIMORE MASSACRE …or Paul Ryan about this: EXHIBIT B:  … Continue reading

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Videos |White House Correspondents Dinner- “THRILLER on the HILL-ER!”

Thank you, Mr. President; 3 Chics loved your humor, grace, wit, and brilliant delivery of the most delicious SMACKDOWN of the Donald, the MEDIA, the Birthers, Grifters, Posers, Bigots and the GOP.  And Seth Myers, you have reedeemed my faith in … Continue reading

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