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Video | Karl Rove Accuses President Obama & Democrats Of REVERSE Voter Suppression

Leave it to this Master Rovian Turd to spin the web of lies and deceit to the citizens who live in his alternate universe. Yes; because TRUTH-TELLING Ads about Mitt Romney don’t count, Karl. Keep up the good work, Karl. … Continue reading

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Video | Barbara Boxer To Tea Party: “Intimidating Voters Is A Federal Offense”

There is a CLARION CALL From Democrats ON VOTER SUPPRESSION/INIMIDATION. Just so folks don’t fall asleep and forget what a small group of folks have been trying to take us back to Jim Crow and poll taxes with their voter … Continue reading

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The Obama Campaign Sues the State of Ohio Over Early Voting

Here’s the background. When the GOP in Ohio took over in 2010, one of the things they did, in addition to trying to strip away collective bargaining rights for unions, was to create all these new voter restrictions. But, after … Continue reading

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