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President Barack Obama Speaks at the University of Illinois |Mid-term Elections

Today I’m at the University of Illinois to deliver a simple message to young people all over the country: You need to vote, because our democracy depends on it. I hope you'll tune in at 11am CT: https://t.co/34WjNaVAcU — Barack … Continue reading

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Selma 50th Anniversary

Legislation removed barriers that had prevented black people from voting. Millions joined voting rolls across the country, and thousands went on to win elections to offices in city halls, state legislatures, Congress, and, eventually, the White House. Rep. John Lewis, … Continue reading

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Video | Barbara Boxer To Tea Party: “Intimidating Voters Is A Federal Offense”

There is a CLARION CALL From Democrats ON VOTER SUPPRESSION/INIMIDATION. Just so folks don’t fall asleep and forget what a small group of folks have been trying to take us back to Jim Crow and poll taxes with their voter … Continue reading

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