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Federal Prosecutor John Craft made derogatory comments about Trayvon Martin and President Obama on facebook

 This is sooo disturbing! A federal prosecutor working in the Justice Department which is in charge of prosecuting racially motivated murders is making derogatory comments about a young black boy is deeply disturbing. John Craft has betrayed the public’s trust and he … Continue reading

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Video | Barbara Boxer To Tea Party: “Intimidating Voters Is A Federal Offense”

There is a CLARION CALL From Democrats ON VOTER SUPPRESSION/INIMIDATION. Just so folks don’t fall asleep and forget what a small group of folks have been trying to take us back to Jim Crow and poll taxes with their voter … Continue reading

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GOTV! Voter Suppression Being Made Law in 2012 | What Are You Doing To Get Out The Vote?

Starting out with a video highlighting the GOP’S PRIMARY GOAL from day one. Paul Weyrich, ALEC FOUNDER WI Senator Lena Taylor’s TRUTH-TELLING. Please take a look at this interactive map.  It gives details of the current status of voter laws … Continue reading

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