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Wednesday Open Thread

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone! Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel will face off, following a race that had 18 candidates. Ossoff faces an uphill battle in the district that has voted reliably Republican for years. Runoff in June.

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Monday Open Thread | Black Child Prodigies Week | Andrew Koonce

Today’s featured prodigy is Andrew Koonce. Andrew Koonce, 15, is a talented African-American violinist from Atlanta. His list of awards and titles are impressive. As an eighth grader, he ranked first place at the Heritage Music Festival in Florida, winning … Continue reading

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Videos |Antoinette Tuff, UNARMED Heroic Measures Saved Lives & Stops Shooter Michael Brandon Hill

UPDATE: President Obama calls Antoinette Tuff and thanks her for her heroic efforts. Antoinette Tuff, Bookeeper, holds off  school shooter Michael Brandon Hill from mass killings at Georgia school. Ms. Tuff is a true AMERICAN HERO, who saved the lives of … Continue reading

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Videos | President Obama Delivers Commencement Address at Morehouse College

Meet Betesegaw Tadele, Valedictorian for class of 2013 and other Morehouse alumni and faculty. We’ll post full video of the commencement ceremony when available. Transcript of President Obama’s address here.

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GOTV! Voter Suppression Being Made Law in 2012 | What Are You Doing To Get Out The Vote?

Starting out with a video highlighting the GOP’S PRIMARY GOAL from day one. Paul Weyrich, ALEC FOUNDER WI Senator Lena Taylor’s TRUTH-TELLING. Please take a look at this interactive map.  It gives details of the current status of voter laws … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Six Year Old Kindergartner Handcuffed & Jailed Immediately | George Zimmerman Killed Trayvon Martin 2-26-12 & Arrested For Second Degree Murder 4-11-12= 45 Days!!

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE, FOLKS? GEORGIA Police Handcuff 6-Year Old Girl After She Throws ‘Temper Tantrum’ at School The principal Dray Swicord  just wanted some peace like the Martin family, I guess… George Zimmerman’s arrest helps Trayvon Martin’s family find peace … Continue reading

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Yasmin Neal, Georgia State Representative Introduces ANTI-VASECTOMY ACT | OH SNAP- SNIP!

This: THIS: OR BOTH? IT’S ABOUT TIME! Why aren’t we shifting the focus on men to stop killing our babies with the procedure called vasectomy.  See where we’re going with this? Go Ms. Yasmin Neal! Now we know that’s not the … Continue reading

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