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Open Thread | If You Need to Understand What’s At Stake In Georgia, You Need to See This Film

Journalist Greg Palast has a documentary out that I saw last week. It’s called

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Open Thread | We Are Fast Approaching the November 2022 Elections

The November 2022 Elections are coming fast. In many States, Early Voting will soon begin. We need to keep BOTH Houses of Congress. Remember, DEMOCRACY IS ON THE BALLOT. If we lose our American democracy, we will also lose our … Continue reading

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Open Thread | We See Those Trying to Sabotage Stacey Abrams’s Candidacy in Georgia

Not just Ms. Abrams, but, other Black politicians running. Like clockwork, they show up right before elections, and their purpose is to depress African-American turnout. Please understand that Stacey Abrams was on their radar. They never forgave her the success … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Stacey Abrams: ‘Democracy failed’ in Georgia governor race

Voting suppression predator #BrianKemp brazeningly STOLE the election while the country was watching by purging Black voters from the voter rolls and the media declared him the winner. Democracy my ass. Georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams tells CNN’s Jake … Continue reading

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Please retweet: ‘Challenged' ballots could alter Florida election results, here's howFlorida election officials begin checking 'challenged' ballotsBy Emilee Speck – Digital journalist https://t.co/NOM01m192p — Mourning For America (@SFL4Hillary) November 7, 2018 THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Send a simple “I … Continue reading

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