Open Thread | All Hands On Deck! Time to Secure the Georgia Runoff..and Send Senator Warnock Back to the Senate for a FULL TERM!

Once the Senate race in Nevada had been called for Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, there were some saying that the Senate race no longer matters.

The hell it doesn’t!

Let me explain something to you who would utter such ridiculousness.
The pure unadulterated racism in running an unqualified clown like Walker as a Senatorial Candidate?

The thought…the mere thought…
That this 2022 version of Stepin-fetchit would be elected to the United States Senate?

It’s an insult and affront to the ancestors.

That walking and talking caricature of every negative stereotype of a Black Man….
Run THAT as a Senatorial Candidate

Just absolutely insulting to the Black community.

What Pastor Bryant said about Walker just a couple of weeks ago is still appropriate.

It’s all hands on deck for Rev. Senator Warnock. Not just because he’s the most qualified, but, the racists who would put forth a clown like Walker don’t need to be rewarded. They set up a voter suppressing electoral system, thrown in a third party clown to prevent a candidate from going over the 50% in order to push for runoffs like this. Everything they phucking do is for voter suppression.

There is no actual choice.
It’s the choice between a good public servant and a buffoon.

Phone bank
Text bank
Write postcards
If, in Georgia, please volunteer for door-to-door canvass.

Alert your neighbors about the runoff, and when Early Voting starts for the runoff.

Alert your neighbors about getting mail ballots.


They are clowning with Voter Suppression STILL.


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4 Responses to Open Thread | All Hands On Deck! Time to Secure the Georgia Runoff..and Send Senator Warnock Back to the Senate for a FULL TERM!

  1. Liza says:

    I’ve been very concerned that the people have lost interest in the Georgia Senate seat because “we don’t need it now.”

    Winning the Georgia seat is key to Democratic success because we do need it. This 51st seat makes Democratic traitor Kyrsten Sinema IRRELEVANT.

    I’ll give fair warning. Sinema is capable of anything, absolutely anything including becoming a Republican. A lot of folks in Arizona are afraid of that, but it does seem that her vote commands a higher price if she’s a Democratic traitor. Even so, she might see no path to re-election as a Democrat and choose to run as a Republican in 2024.

    Sinema cannot be trusted.

    The Democratic Senate needs the distinguished Reverand Warnock to be re-elected.

  2. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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