Open Thread | The Problems With the MSM and the Problems with the GOP

We’ve been telling you that there’s been a concerted effort against Stacey Abrams in Georgia. Spreading falsehoods, and with the undergirding of pure misogyny in its ‘ appeal’.

I love her analysis of these scam polls being used to try and shape the narrative against Candidate Abrams.

They were ‘ Stacey Abrams doesn’t talk to BLACK male voters.’

It was a damn lie,but, after it’s shown that she is, at several high profile events,


she’s even put out a specific program targeting Black Men, when Kemp hasn’t done SHYT….

Then, they had to scramble back to the ” Stacey Abrams hasn’t said anything about reparations’ trope.

They’ve been called out on that…and once again, have moved the goalposts.

Just admit your misogyny, and that you are against Stacey Abrams because she is a BLACK WOMAN.

It’s about suppressing the Black vote, and helping a candidate, Kemp, who is racist to the core and built his reputation, on Black Voter Suppression. A man who has overseen the utter collapse of rural healthcare in Georgia because his refusal to expand Medicaid to the least of these in his state.

All the while, Stacey Abrams has been doing the work…well, since, forever…


The pure unadulterated racism in putting forth this clown as a Senatorial Candidate is absolutely obscene.

Not just in Georgia, but an issue going forth that has targeted Black Voters:


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    Did my Civic Duty. Went and Early Voted during lunch. :)

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    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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