GOTV! Voter Suppression Being Made Law in 2012 | What Are You Doing To Get Out The Vote?

Starting out with a video highlighting the GOP’S PRIMARY GOAL from day one.

Paul Weyrich, ALEC FOUNDER

WI Senator Lena Taylor’s TRUTH-TELLING.

Please take a look at this interactive map.  It gives details of the current status of voter laws in each state.

Voter Identification Requirements 

States that Have Enacted Voter ID Laws

Not all of the laws listed below have taken effect. Please see the footnotes for detailed information.

Table 1. State Requirements for Voter Identification

States that Request or Require Photo ID

States that Require ID (Photo Not Required)

Strict Photo ID




*Mississippi (6)


**South Carolina (1)


**Texas (1)

*Wisconsin (2)

Photo ID

**Alabama (1), (5)






South Dakota










North Dakota


Oklahoma (3)

Rhode Island (4)










And, here are two stories that should set it out plain and simple as to what the GOP is doing.


Fla. Gov. started push to remove voters from rolls

Associated Press

Florida’s quest to identify and remove non-U.S. citizens from the voter rolls was started at the direct urging of Gov. Rick Scott, the state’s former top elections official said.
Ex-Secretary of State Kurt Browning, who resigned this year, told The Associated Press that Scott asked him whether or not non-U.S. citizens were registered and if those people were voting. Browning explained to the governor during a face-to-face meeting last year that people who register and falsely claim they are citizens can be charged with a crime.
“He says to me – well, people lie,” Browning recalled this week. “Yes, people do. But we have always had to err on the side of the voter.”

Browning said the conversation prompted state election officials to begin working to identify non-U.S. citizens. The state’s initial list – compiled by comparing driver’s licenses with voter registration data – showed that as many as 182,000 registered voters were eligible to be in the country but ineligible to vote.
But Browning said he decided against telling local election supervisors right away because he wanted to make sure the information was accurate in order to avoid a “firestorm of press” and criticism. Florida then spent months trying to get access to a federal database that tracks non-U.S. citizens in the country, but the U.S. Department of Homeland Security would not allow it.

“We were not confident enough about the information for this secretary to hang his hat on it,” said Browning, who resigned after the Jan. 31 presidential preference primary.
Browning said media reports earlier this year that raised questions whether non-U.S. citizens were on the rolls required the state to keep pushing ahead with the effort.

In the last few weeks, the state sent a list to county election supervisors of more than 2,600 people who have been identified as non-U.S. citizens. Supervisors have responded warily to the list and have pointed out that it has inaccuracies.

Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel went so far on Monday to put out on Twitter a picture of him holding a U.S. passport that belonged to one of the voters identified on the list.
Last week state officials announced that the Florida agency that handles driver’s licenses and does have access to the federal database would double-check the names on the state list.


40,000 Voter Records Erased?

Updated: Tuesday, 29 May 2012, 9:23 AM CDT
Published : Monday, 28 May 2012, 8:35 PM CDT

Norma Lester with the Shelby County Election Commission says the commission chair requested an investigation into recent allegations of thousands of county voter histories being purged, according to a letter FOX 13 obtained.

Blogger Bev Harris with Black Box Voting originally said her research showed that 488 lifelong voters, mainly African American and democratic voters, were missing in the Shelby County registry. People on this list include political figures like Darrick Harris and Edmund Ford.

“There’s 600,000 voters on the Shelby County voter list and for it just to happen to African Americans in one particular district who vote democrat is certainly not just random chance,” says Harris.

Harris says after continuing her research, she found that not just 488 but 13,000 voter histories have been erased from the Shelby County voter registry.

“The ones I found, the 500 voters, are at least still on the list, although their histories have been erased, which can be a preparation for purging. But, there are over 10,000 voters in Cohen’s district and they have simply been evaporated from the list all together,” added Harris.

Congressman Steve Cohen says the missing records go even deeper. The Congressman announced on Sunday that he’s contacted U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about 40,000 missing voter histories, which Cohen says is the precursor to purging. He says he noticed the discrepancy in Dec. 2011 when he pulled records from Aug. 2010 for his election mailings.

Shelby County Democratic Chairman Van Turner says, “I applaud Congressman Cohen for calling an investigation because I think that what’s going on is something that affects all voters, all citizens and we need to do what we can to protect the franchise.”

Lester says in a letter that the investigation will look into why only African-American and democratic voter histories were deleted. The letter also states it will further look into, if it was indeed an error, why was it not county-wide instead of inner city.

She ardently added that despite the missing histories, no voters were purged from the list and there should be no problems for voters wishing to cast ballots in upcoming elections.

Turner adds that he trusts that the commission will figure out what happened to those missing voter records, “The system is something that’s always being revamped. It’s something that’s always occurring down there because we have elections so frequently.”

“There’s several thousand discrepancies and we really need to get to the bottom of it to make sure people can vote,” says Harris.

THIS is who they are. This is nothing but VOTER SUPPRESSION.


Congressional Black Caucus Holds Faith Leaders Summit on Voting Rights

Attorney General Eric Holder delivers the keynote address at a meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches.

The day also features panels on the state of voting rights, protecting a church’s non-profit status, and energizing constituents and congregants to vote.

The Attorney General has announced that he will vigorously defend the Voting Rights Act of 1965, including the Section 5 provision that Southern states or those that have historically disenfranchised black voters must clear any changes to voting law or electoral systems with the Justice Department.

Many states have passed voter ID laws recently, requiring voters to have a state-issued photo ID, like a driver’s license. Black leaders have voiced worry that these laws may disenfranchise urban and low-income African Americans who are less likely to have a driver’s license than their white counterparts.

Energizing the black vote may be especially important this year. African-American voters led President Obama to capture the electoral votes in North Carolina and Virginia in 2008 and will be key to his re-election or defeat in 2012.

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10 Responses to GOTV! Voter Suppression Being Made Law in 2012 | What Are You Doing To Get Out The Vote?

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  2. Ametia says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Palm Beach Elections Supervisor Rejects Florida’s Voter Purge List, Says Effort Is ‘Not Credible’ (NO SHIT, SHERLOCK)

    By Josh Israel on May 31, 2012 at 9:00 am

    While several Florida elections supervisors have expressed serious concerns about Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) controversial effort to remove voters it thinks may be non-citizens from the state’s voter rolls, one supervisor has drawn a line in the sand.

    Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, a former Democratic state representative, told ThinkProgress in an interview that while the state of Florida sent her county 115 names of voters it considered “sure matches” with a list of non-citizens, her office determined the list’s documentation to be “not credible” and has not sent out letters asking for verification of citizens to any of those voters.

    Bucher said:

    We need to make sure we have reliable and credible information, by a preponderance of evidence. We could prove that the information was not credible before sending letters and even the Division of Elections has admitted substantial flaws. I did not feel we had credible information and told them I wouldn’t send [any letters] until they could give me a better list.

    This thing is not working out so well, we know the information [on which the state relied to flag these names] is very old. They [listed the voter’s] last transaction date with [the Florida Department of] Highway Safety — in many cases, [the was 2000, 2002]. By now they probably have become citizens – I questioned immediately.

  3. Ametia says:

    Ed Schultz, you might get down in the trenches with folks, but you’re not POTUS. You told voters NOT TO VOTE in 2010, and guess what a shitload of the Democrats did NOT VOTE in 2010, and the result was the GOP takeover of the House and GOP governors in a shitload of states.AKA Wisconisn’s Scott Walker.

    DID YOU VOTE, ED? STFU, and quit ordering President Obama to go to Wisconin. The DNC and OFA have been disseminated on the ground in Wisconsin.

  4. Ametia says:

    Wow! New Poll seems to indicate Missouri is in play (Obama up by a point)

    Voters in Missouri are not real happy with their choices for President. They don’t like Barack Obama. But they don’t, as evidenced by the Republican primary results in the state, like Mitt Romney either. That has the state looking closely contested again for this fall just as it was in 2008.

    Obama has a statistically insignificant 45-44 advantage on Romney in Missouri, a result basically identical to our late January poll of the state that found the two candidates knotted at 45%. Obama has just a 44% approval rating in the state, with 52% of voters disapproving of him. But Romney’s even less popular with only 38% of voters rating him favorably to 50% with a negative opinion. Independent voters strongly dislike both candidates with Obama’s approval among them falling at 41/53 and Romney’s favorability at 36/46.

    Missouri’s not likely to be one of the more consequential states in the Presidential election this year. If Obama somehow takes it it will just be the cherry on top of an electoral college landslide, while a Romney win won’t get him anywhere close to 270 electoral votes. But the tightness does speak to the landscape in the state being much different than 2010 when Democrats were crushed at the polls and to Romney’s weakness with Republicans there bleeding through to the general election.

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