Standing With Marilyn Mosby

3 CHICS STANDS WITH BALTIMORE STATE’S ATTORNEY MARILYN MOSBY. Don’t think for one minute that there isn’t a coordinated effort to SMEAR SA Mosby, because it is. And it began the moment she took to that podium May 1, 2015.


Marilyn Mosby with her husband Nick J. Mosby, 7th District Baltimore City Councilman, and their two daughters

Ametia brought to my attention this ‘opinion’ piece in the Baltimore Sun.

Police charges in Freddie Gray case are incompetent at best
by Page Croyder
Updated May 5, 2015

An excerpt:

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s “quick” and “decisive” action in charging six Baltimore police officers a mere two weeks after the death of Freddie Gray reflects either incompetence or an unethical recklessness.

Alan Dershowitz, the noted defense attorney, sharply criticized her for using her charging power as “crowd control.” John Banzahf, a George Washington University law professor, predicted the eventual dismissal of most if not all the charges. The breadth of the charges, Ms. Mosby’s overreaching, is all-too-obvious.

Any prosecutor interested in the truth and in justice would have used all the tools at her disposal to find them. Ms. Mosby ignored them. She has one of the most experienced homicide prosecutors in the state of Maryland as chief of her homicide unit, but did not ask him to investigate. She had the police report all of one day before filing charges, her mind already made up. And she failed to make use of the grand jury to gather, probe and test the evidence before a group of average citizens.

Rush to judgment?

Freddie Gray was a healthy young man the 10 minutes BEFORE he encountered the Baltimore Police Department.
AFTER his encounter with them:
and he DIED.

Rush to judgment?

Ms. Mosby’s ‘problem’, it seems to me, with this writer, is that she brought HER OWN INVESTIGATIVE TEAM.

She wasn’t dependent upon the Baltimore Police Department to feed her the usual bull of how the superhuman strength of a Black man had snapped HIS OWN SPINE.

Ms. Mosby’s team actually went into their investigation, trying to find the FACTS behind Freddie Gray’s MURDER.

And, that’s what it was.


He was MURDERED in police custody…



I kept on harping on it, and kept on asking WHAT WERE THE CHARGES?

I’m so glad Ms. Mosby didn’t forget that, and mentioned it in her press conference.

If you pray, pray for the continued safety of Ms. Mosby, her husband and children.
I honestly wish that the Attorney General would assign Ms. Mosby Federal Marshall protection.
The Fraternal Order of Police has already threatened Ms. Mosby’s husband. Who knows what they will do.

Those who seek the truth and try to do right are always under attack, especially by the Police in this country.


They will be after Ms. Mosby, and we have to show our support for her doing WHAT’S RIGHT.
We have to show our support for her giving voice to those who just want people to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

And for those who claim and Elective Politics is ‘Respectability politics’…

Who think that their votes don’t matter?

Marilyn Mosby was ELECTED to her position.
Same as that rat Bob McCullough in Missouri.
The difference in how they do their jobs couldn’t be more obvious, can it?


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61 Responses to Standing With Marilyn Mosby

    • Ametia says:

      Yes, it’s high time for these NEGROES in leadership positions to stop talking out the side of their necks and dig deep to serve their constituents!

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, it took her a little while to find her mayor legs but she might turn out to be okay.

  1. vitaminlover says:

    Not only are Atty. General Lynch, States Atty. Mosby and Mayor Rawlins-Blake fierce women… are you 3 Chics Politco!!!!! So this makes 6 fierce women. Double bang for our bucks!

  2. rikyrah says:

    zizi2 @zizii2
    So how come #policethugs rarely drag #opencarry white men into custody/shoot them on sight for “suspicious” behavior? #BlackLivesMatter

    zizi2 @zizii2
    When Bundy Ranch goons point guns at Feds, the latter retreat, but police attack black protesters w/ huge artillery. #BlackLivesMatter

    • sunshine616 says:

      Also the bails set for the kids at pumpkinfest riots, I didn’t find one with a bail over 5000. Some were let off on their own recognizance. Tell me there isn’t a double standard when a black child is in jail for the same thing with 500000 bail???? Wtf is this double standard!! Again, someone tell me this ain’t about race and culture. Aaaah!!!!!!

  3. check emails, ladies

  4. One more time, folks

    Three African-American WOMEN Leading the Way On Justice.
    Hey sistas! Go sistas! Soul sistas! Go sistas!

    3 black women

  5. rikyrah says:

    Baltimore Just Became a Political Epicenter for 2016
    Between the mayoral race and the soon-to-be-open Senate seat, along with the upcoming presidential race, poverty and race will be at the forefront of the political season.

    Posted: May 6 2015 3:00 AM

    Baltimore may be a much calmer city this week than last, but don’t let the placid fog of cleanup and obligatory Loretta Lynch visit fool you. Long stretches of ghetto still remain. The lack of jobs is something Charm City’s leadership has yet to aggressively address (Where’s the campaign on that?). And Maryland’s shattered urban jewel is still the “toughest place” in the country for poor kids to shake poverty, according to a recent study.

    The most significant change in Baltimore, however, will be the political riptide passing through the city, the state and the rest of the nation. Ironically, Baltimore happened just as a wave of presidential hopefuls jumped into the 2016 cycle; and next year will find the city wrapped up in a mayor’s race while observers watch a grimy battle over Maryland’s open U.S. Senate seat (that could present some surprising plot twists). Because the unrest occurred in a major Northeast Corridor city and just 30 minutes from the nation’s capital, poverty issues now dominate pre-election narratives in ways that Ferguson, Mo., did not.

    As the American public continues grappling with what the death of Freddie Gray and its aftermath means long term, here are five political signs that just made it a crucial, and possibly decisive, issue in 2016:

    Poverty is finally a talking point. When the issue of poverty comes up, politicians are more likely to fake it. They talk about opportunity, but rarely touch the word “poor,” settling for the safer “middle class” instead. In addition, Democrats are visibly nervous that too much poverty discourse could sour the Obama administration “recovery” theme and ruin their electoral hopes in 2016.

    Now, after watching West Baltimore boil while troops moved in, few can ignore it. It remains to be seen if the unrest spills over to the presidential prospects of former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who was viewed for a moment as the best antidote Clinton-frustrated progressives could muster. Still, candidates and politicians—even Republicans—are jumping headfirst into the subject, each attempting to offer his or her own fresh take or approach.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Watch: Morning Joe Host Mika Brzezinski Was ‘Befuddled’ During Interview With Attorney for Freddie Gray’s Family
    The MSNBC host obviously couldn’t articulate why there would be a conflict of interest involving the Gray family’s attorney, William Murphy, and Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.


    In today’s “Talk Show Hosts Who Don’t Have a Clue” news, during Tuesday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, the hosts interviewed William H. Murphy Jr., the attorney representing Freddie Gray’s family.

    After Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby was assigned the Gray case and subsequently charged six cops in his death, the Baltimore police union, among others, called for Mosby to excuse herself because she apparently received donations from Murphy.

    During the morning interview, co-host Mika Brzezinski treated Murphy as if he were on the witness stand and questioned him about any possible conflicts of interest.

    Turns out, though, that someone didn’t do her research. As Murphy pointed out, that police union—the Fraternal Order of Police—has also donated funds to Mosby.

    “Where’s the conflict?” Murphy said. “Nobody’s pointing it out to me.”

    “The conflict would be that you are the attorney for Freddie Gray’s family, and [Mosby] has now had six cops arrested in his death,” Brzezinski explained. “I mean, you see the conflict.”

    “Where is the conflict?” Murphy continued.

    “He should work for the Clinton agency,” Brzezinski said to co-host Joe Scarborough.

    Brzezinski wouldn’t let up, but all she did was make herself sound even more incapable of conducting an interview. Murphy continually stated that there was no conflict of interest.

    “I don’t mean to befuddle everybody,” Murphy said.

    “We’re not befuddled,” Brzezinski said. “You don’t need to be condescending.”

    Oh, yes, you were befuddled, and Murphy was far from being condescending. God forbid a black man tries to defend himself on national television.

    “People are alleging conflict but then can’t articulate it,” Murphy finished.

  7. Where is NationalNOW @emilyslist?

  8. Ametia says:

    Let’s cut through the chase here folks.

    Baltimore SA Marilyn Mosby is young, gifted, black & female. The powers that be over her, or so they think don’t want no part of her getting those cops convicted. She’d not only be serving and bringing justice for Freddie Gray and his family….

    SHE’D BE MAKING HISTORY as a Black prosecutor who got , not 1 but 6 police officers convicted for killing an innocent man.

    • sunshine616 says:

      Talk about white privilege. Only in America can you be dumb as fuck and be given a pulpit to spew unintelligent words, as long as you’re cute and white. Black people have to be lawyers, doctors, shit, presidents, before you will give our opinion any weight, and then it’s only to weigh it down because your supremacy is challenged by our obvious intelligence. Fuck outta here, white bright!!!!

  9. eliihass says:

    I don’t know if she has the power to do so, but having found a bit of her Ms Mosby inspired spunk, Mayor Rawlings-Blake needs to get rid of Police Commissioner Batts. The man is bad news. Just ask the citizens of Oakland and Long Beach, California.

    • Ametia says:

      AG Lynch did NOT roll up in Baltimore yesterday for nothing. SRB had better come correct, and this means, culling and pulling the whacked weeds in that police dept.

      Anthony is one dude Mayor SRB does NOT need to go to BATT for. (pun intended)

  10. Ametia says:

    remember this?

  11. Ametia says:


    Poll: 65 percent of Americans support decision to charge officers in Freddie Gray’s death

    Majority of both blacks and whites agree with state’s attorney, Pew survey finds

    • Ametia says:

      I guess this revelation would be considered a RUSH TO JUDGEMENT too, ALSO….

      These mofos are GOING DOWN.

    • eliihass says:

      What an honorable, saintly man!! Policing was just the perfect vocation. He truly found his calling in that noble institution.

      • Ametia says:

        BWA HA HA HA If you can stand to look into these cops eyes, you can see NOTHING, there’s NOTHING behind or in that shell. SOULESS.

      • eliihass says:

        Nah Ametia, Just like Bush, Alan Dershowitz looked into this police officer’s eyes and saw his beautiful maggot laced soul.

    • sunshine616 says:

      So not shocking at all. I wonder how many times he used his position to get over on his crimes. Blue blood doesn’t bleed red.

  12. Ametia says:

    SA Mosby only revealed was RELEVANT to charge those 6 THUG cops. Nothing more, nothing less.

  13. TyrenM says:

    Here here! They bet not touch any of the Mosby’s otherwise Bmore, I think, will really go up in smoke. Not just the hood, but the burbs.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi Tyren. I honestly don’t think B-more will catch fire over this. But the hood will not be happy if she’s removed as prosecutor.

  14. CNN had on former prosecutor Randy Zelin. Dude trying to pretend #MarilynMosby talked about the evidence. Dude, we see you. No she didn’t!

    • Ametia says:

      SA Mosby didn’t have to talk about shit. We’ve got eyes. And the knife had to be mentioned along with the charges, since this is the lie they told to have him in their custody to begin with. GTFOH

  15. Sam Brees says:

    Croyder complains that State’s Atty Mosby didn’t use her “experienced” homicide detective on this case and she (Croyder) finds fault with this. To me this is a great thing. This homicide prosecutor is likely very entrenched with the BPD culture and officers. Ms. Mosby, rightfully use other investigators that would less bias. Again this is a good thing.

  16. Good post, Rikyrah!

    I’ve been tweeting away.

  17. sunshine616 says:

    Any human that dare question the all mighty authority of the self appointed gods is gonna get it. Law and order applies to all. When those chosen to uphold the law choose to do anything to get order, including breaking the law, then any argument after that should just be void. Hypocrisy is huge with this group, and frankly, I’m tired and bored with their crap. It’s so fucking transparent.

  18. eliihass says:

    Thank you Ametia!! We stand unwaveringly with State Attorney Mosby!

  19. racerrodig says:

    I’ll support her and raise you all 1 “Alan Dershowitz is nothing but a mindless fool and has been since, well, a long time”

    It gets old hearing this rush to judgement shit since Wilson did, Fogen did, Duuhhnn did, Wafer did, well…….it seems the ones with the preemptive strike did the rushing in every case.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?? Must be me.

    • eliihass says:

      Alan Dershowitz is simply trying to distract from his own scandal and is merely currying favor with a corrupt law enforcement system currently involved in investigating his alleged hanky panky with an underage prostitute.

      • racerrodig says:

        In a real world, he should be the last one mouthing off. I’m sure his ego has something to do with it. In fact, one of his quotes goes like, “I’m never satisfied unless I get the last word”

      • Ametia says:

        ” hanky panky with an underage prostitute, eh?

        Sure appears like Alan D’s trying to get the heat off him & his UNLARWFUL shenanigans.

      • eliihass says:

        Yup Ametia, that’s why he’s suddenly making so much unnecessary noise about this one case. Trying to use it to distract from the stuff hanging over him and to win some favor with those investigating him.

    • sunshine616 says:

      Projection to the highest degree.

  20. 2dogsonly says:

    She can handle them! They just wanted time to have Florida’s State prosecutor, Angela Cory,, cause she knows how to throw, I mean, try a case. She comes from a long line of police officers, both parents were police. They can’t scream her decision was based on being AA so they just throw something hoping the Fox viewers will believe it..😂

    • Ametia says:

      So true 2dogsonly. SA Mosby’s parents didn’t raise no fool.

      Angela Corey & Bob McColloch are a DISGRACE to our justice system.

      • racerrodig says:

        And back about, ohhhhhh, 3 years ago we though Corey was gonna nail Fogen.

        File that under “Bad Call”

  21. rikyrah says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Ametia.

    It disgusts me – seeing how they are trying to undermine Ms. Mosby.

    But yes…WE SUPPORT HER!!


    • Ametia says:

      Thanks Rikyrah, for posting this.

      Bob McColloch is a fucking COWARD. He covered for Darren Wilson, by bringing the case before a grand jury. Oldest trick in the book, to get these killer cops off.

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