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GOTV! Voter Suppression Being Made Law in 2012 | What Are You Doing To Get Out The Vote?

Starting out with a video highlighting the GOP’S PRIMARY GOAL from day one. Paul Weyrich, ALEC FOUNDER WI Senator Lena Taylor’s TRUTH-TELLING. Please take a look at this interactive map.  It gives details of the current status of voter laws … Continue reading

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GOP SuperPacs, Koch Brothers & Karl Rove Pledge Spending $1 Billion To Defeat President Obama

YOUR AMERICAN ELECTION PROCESSS ON CITIZENS UNITED 3 Chics is highlighting 3 articles of interest for your perusal.  Please pass on the links via FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. From Politico–  GOP groups plan $1 billion blitz Republican super PACs and … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney, Massachusetts Governor’s Record = 47th In Job Creation | A “SEVERELY” Republican Governor

Notice if you check out the Wikipedia page on Governor Romney, IT.HAS.BEEN.SCRUBBED! Lots of research and links that conservatives gathered against Governor Romney as a GOP presidential candidate.  Check it out here.  Time to examine Mitt Romney’s RECORD as Governor of Massachussetts. … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Wednesday Open Thread| ‘Summertime” Week

Happy HUMP day, Everyone! :-) See how the media has latched their eyes on to the next shiny object? IT’S BAIN, YOU ID-GITS, TRUMP IS A DISTRACTION!

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