Federal Prosecutor John Craft made derogatory comments about Trayvon Martin and President Obama on facebook

 US Attorney John CraftThis is sooo disturbing!

A federal prosecutor working in the Justice Department which is in charge of prosecuting racially motivated murders is making derogatory comments about a young black boy is deeply disturbing.

John Craft has betrayed the public’s trust and he cannot stay.  How can the public ever trust him again? His comments proves a system that is biased against African Americans and he doesn’t believe in equal protection under the law for African Americans in this country. He has to GO!

The Inquisitr: Slain teenager Trayvon Martin was mocked on Facebook by a federal  prosecutor in Texas, and Eastern District of Texas attorney John Craft also derided “low information voters” and President  Obama on his private page.

Aside from the Trayvon Martin criticism Craft engaged in on the social  network, Craft posted that “low information voters carried the day for the Dalibama in the last election,” remarks which  have come under fire along with his commentary on the dead teen.

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19 Responses to Federal Prosecutor John Craft made derogatory comments about Trayvon Martin and President Obama on facebook

  1. Judge Craft, like many others of his mentality, are eager to stake their claims to black Americans; their privileges in America force them to think as such; eventually; they’re come to grip with a reality about our great nation and its people; we’ll never return to our ugly past; their feet are already slipping and their ugly positions on the American people is very short lived.

  2. Luke Stevens says:

    The Eastern District of Texas US Attorney Office is filled with racist prosecutions. I have facts in the prosecution of a black man named Calvin Walker in Beaumont, Texas being racially motivated and it is absolutely ignored by the US Attorneys. Walker was eventually found innocent on all 37 counts of fraud against him, but was maligned over and over by the federal agencies involved in his prosecution. No one cares and it has been ridiculous. Anyone who came forward with information that cast Walker in a light other than the criminal he was painted as was threatened and abused…. talk about racist actions….

  3. Beaumont prosecutor’s comments draw attention from D.C., opposing counsel


    A veteran prosecutor’s insulting Facebook comments could boomerang on him the same way social media posts come back to haunt defendants he prosecutes.

    John Craft, a Beaumont-based assistant U.S. attorney in the criminal division for more than seven years, posted derogatory comments about minorities and President Obama on a private Facebook page during a discussion of Stand Your Ground laws.

    John Malcolm Bales, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, said he was reviewing the online remarks with Department of Justice staff in Washington to determine whether Craft violated any department policies. Such violations might subject him to disciplinary action.

    “We are looking for any expression that would bring DOJ disrepute,” he said.

    Bales, who has been in Texarkana and Tyler this week, has not been in direct contact with Craft but said his staff had talked to the assistant attorney.

    Craft did not respond to an email sent Tuesday or to a telephone message left Wednesday requesting comment. Reached in his office by phone Monday, Craft told a reporter that the Facebook comments “were not related to the U.S. Attorney’s office” and had no other comment.

    • Liza says:

      Ha, I love this:

      “Norman Silverman, who represents a Hispanic defendant Craft is prosecuting, said that The Beaumont Enterprise story on Craft’s Facebook comments caused him to be concerned his client’s race gave Craft “improper motivation” to seek the mandatory minimum sentence for his client.”

      “Silverman, whose client was to be sentenced Thursday morning, has filed a motion to delay sentencing and provide time for him to collect Craft’s closed files of defendants he has prosecuted. Silverman will study the sentence length of minorities and white defendants and compare their severity.”

    • Liza says:

      Craft looks old enough to retire. He should give it some serious thought.

      • I know! An old racist bigot! Time for him to go!

      • Liza says:

        I’m loving all this exposure. Maybe the way to weed out these racist a$$holes who have jobs they shouldn’t have is one at a time.

      • Who knew the Trayvon Martin case would expose so many bigots hiding in plain sight?

      • Liza says:

        Facebook is full of Zimmerman trolls. Some of the most vile, hateful lies I’ve ever read were written by trolls attacking Trayvon Martin on Facebook. What seems unusual in this case is that an educated man in the employ of the Department of Justice would stoop to the level of a Facebook troll. For what reason? To entertain his racist Facebook friends? He apparently had no concern that this would ever be seen by the wrong eyes.

        I guess it’s good that some of these people really are dumb enough to expose themselves in social media. They are the proof that precedes change.

      • Liza says:

        That is really sad, but thanks for the troll-free environment.

  4. Churchlady320 says:

    Federal prosecutors serve at the President’s pleasure. I’m thinking he’s not got a long tenure…

  5. makes me think that if he’s comfortable enough to make these comments then he’s probably made them before. and the types of shit he’s saying don’t seem to be ideas that just suddenly pop in your head. sounds like he knows details from Trayvon’s case that weren’t even brought into trial! the lean! who the fuck made that shit up??? OMAR!! HE CREATED THIS WHOLE LEAN BULLSHIT OUT OF THIN AIR!!
    I can’t stand that POS! he’s put it in google. he just changed the ingredients to what Trayvon bought, but those weren’t ingredients until HE SAID IT AND THE NUMBNUTTERS posted it last march!!!
    why hasn’t omar been investigated for misconduct? he really needs to pay for what he did to this child’s reputation. he and west murdered him again in the media.

  6. Liza says:

    Well, will you just look at John Craft in the photo looking like a middle aged white supremacist all smug and safe in his government job. The POS didn’t even apologize, he just said his Facebook remarks have nothing to do with his job. I guess that would be true if the people he serves, that would be all US citizens, didn’t care that a federal prosecutor is an admitted racist a$$hole who seems to hate black people and cannot be fair and impartial.

    But there he is, with his fat beer gut and his tight white pants that don’t fit and the navy blazer he can’t button and that self assured smirk on his face. He either needs to be fired or demoted down to mail clerk. I’m so sick of these a$$holes.

  7. roderick2012 says:

    Judge accused of saying blacks, Hispanics are ‘predisposed’ to crime

    And this chick was on the short list for a Supreme Court nomination

    If she has any decency she will recuse herself from any and all cases with black and Hispanic defendants.

    Civil rights groups have filed an ethics complaint against a Texas federal court judge after allegations that she made discriminatory remarks about racial minorities during a February speech.

    The complaint filed against Edith Jones, a judge on the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court, claims that at a speech at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Jones said that “racial groups like African-Americans and Hispanics are predisposed to crime.”
    Jones also allegedly justified death sentences because they provide a public service by allowing inmates to “make peace with God.”

    Those remarks violated the code of conduct for federal judges, according to the complaint, which was filed by a coalition including the Texas Civil Rights Project, Austin chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program.


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