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Women, IF IT WERE UP TO A ROMNEY PRESIDENCY, You Couldn’t Afford To Get Pregnant, But You Should!

If the latest Crossroad ad is a rebutal to the Obama camp’s The Life Of Julia, NEWS FLASH!!! MAJOR FAIL! This ad doesn’t not speak to the WOMEN MAJORITY Mitt Romney’s policies would prevent you from ACCESS to abortions, contraception, … Continue reading

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Romney’s VOODOO Economics | No Treats, Just TRICKS!

Americans should be forewarned of Mitt Romney’s economic practices. Here’s a prelude to “Dark Shadows,” for all you horror movie fans. They made as much as money as they could and they closed it down.”- former GST Steel worker on … Continue reading

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Audio | Mitt Romney Won’t Say Whether He Supports Fair Pay For Women Law

  You’re not going to give 3 Chics the finger on this one, Mitt Romney. From TPM:   “On a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning, campaign aides for Gov. Mitt Romney were unable to say affirmitively whether Romney supports the … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Went To Town – $$$,$$$,$$$.00

You can try and defend, deflect, and defy Americans “about free markets” and capitalism all you like Mitts.. Folks have gotten your number.

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