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Video | President Obama Meet The Press Interview

David Gregory gets some face time with President Obama and he gets schooled on the finer points of how to interview a TRUE STATESMAN. Excerpts Loved how POTUS spoke about how we need to be careful of using “false equivalency.”  Both side … Continue reading

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2012 Massachusetts Senate Debate | Elizabeth Warren & Scott Brown

David Gregory is a slimy, dirty GOP water-carrying IDIOT, to open the debate up with the “Native America” nonsense from Brown. Like this is what the citizens of Massachusetts or Americans are concerned about. MAJOR FAIL! And Senator Brown sucking … Continue reading

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chairman Takes Down David Gregory’s Bullshit GOP Talking Points

David Gregory is a WATER-CARRYING GOP SHILLING LOSER, Major FAIL, Greogry, MAJOR FAIL. Beat that ass, Debbie, beat it good

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Meet The GOP’s (* SHILLING ) Press David Gregory Disgracefully Describes Republican’s Position on Medicare As “Bold Leadership”

                                                 BOLD LEADERSHIP  REALLY, DAVID? Notice how David Gregory frames the lead narrative for the exchange. MR. DAVID GREGORY:  “This Sunday, is Medicare the new third rail of American politics?  Why the fight over the future of an entitlement for 47 … Continue reading

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