Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chairman Takes Down David Gregory’s Bullshit GOP Talking Points


Beat that ass, Debbie, beat it good

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  1. Ametia says:

    This video of Gregory is a classic. Roaming with Karl ROVE!!!

  2. David Gregory Lies About Debt Incurred During Obama Administration While Interviewing Wasserman Schultz

    During another one of his typically horrible interviews where David Gregory plays the part of the good little Republican toady on this Sunday’s Meet the Press, we got some decent push back from DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz when Gregory lied about the debt incurred under the Obama administration, but as Upper West over at Daily Kos pointed out, it would have been nice to see her hit him directly on the forty one percent increase lie.

    As the Kos blogger noted, here are a few facts Wasserman Schultz could have pointed to as evidence that Gregory was lying about the percentage of debt we can rightfully attribute to the Obama administration, and I’ve got another chart she could have pointed to as well here. As Upper West did a nice job of laying out for the readers at Kos’ site, here are some of the numbers reflected in those charts that Gregory decided to pretend don’t exist.

    Bush Tax Cuts: $3 Trillion
    Bush Unfunded Medicare D: 300 Billion
    Bush 2008 Stimulus including TARP: 200 Billion
    Bush Domestic/Defense Spending: 1.7 Trillion
    Bush Afghan and Iraq Wars: 1.4 Trillion
    Bush additional policies (e.g., Farm Bill): 400B
    Bush Total: $7 Trillion

    Obama Recovery Act: $800 Billion
    Obama 2010 Tax Cut Deal: 250 Billion
    Obama One-Time emergency costs (sm. bus., etc.): 400B
    Obama Total: $1.4 Trillion

    Other components of the debt not attributable to either administration:

    Lower Tax Revenues caused by 2008 Recession: $2.6 Trillion
    Debt for govt financing, e.g., student loans: 700 Billion
    Finance Debt: 700 Billion
    Additional Govt. Debt: (e.g., social security trust fund) 3.6 Trillion

    Keeping some of those stats on hand would be good advice to heed for any Democrat that decides to appear on his show in the future if they know ahead of time the debt and deficit are going to be a topic of conversation.

    I will add one caveat to their numbers though which is that Social Security does nothing to add to our national debt and is currently running an over 2 trillion dollar surplus.

    • David Gregory = Lying republican hack!

    • Ametia says:

      Good information to pass on here. Of course the only reason DWS was allowed to go as far as she did, was because of Twitter push back on these Sunday LIE-FEST and their unequal lists of Democratic guest. John McCain and Ms. Lindsey Graham have been on MTP a gazilion times since 2009.

  3. rikyrah says:

    DWS was excellent


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