Mitt Romney Has Not Released His Tax Returns Or A Clear Vision For American, Releases Race-Baiting- FEAR THE NEGRO Tactics Instead

9 Things to Know About Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

With less than 2 weeks to go in the presidential election, Mitt Romney still hasn’t released his TAX RETURNS.
Mother Jones has released the 47% video.

Mitt LIED & BULLIED his way through the first debate.

Mit Romney has Dodged and Etch-a-Sketched himself through the last two debates. He has remained silent, while his surrogates, extreme members of the Republican party denigrate women, Blacks, Jews, Hispanic, and Asian Americans, and big money donors pile on shitload of cash to defeat the President at all cost.  The Republican Party is attempting Voter Suppression, Voter Intimidation.

And now Romney’s  pulling out the old Southern Strategy of full-blown Race-bating.


  • To distract from the Republican Party’s EXTREME platform, by pitting white folks against those lazy, stupid, unengaged, Brown and Black folks, the ones who are stealing your jobs and taking your hard-earned money.
  • To paint the BLACK PRESIDENT BLACKER & FOREIGN for those ignorant white low information voters, to attempt to diminish Colin Powell’s powerful and respected voice of approval as just a black guy sticking up for another black guy.  Which by the way, President Obama has consistently supported and passed legislation to assist ALL Americans.  But the centuries old act of white folks voting against their own better interests, in the name of RACE, still has legs in the 21st century.

*Hat tip SouthernGirl

This cartoon is from 1862- from BalloonJuice    Thank you!

It effectively distills the relationship between the modern conservative movement and President Obama. It also explains the Romney campaign strategy that white folks should reject everything that President Obama has done to help them—to save our Nation from ruin—over the last four years because he is a Ni-CLANG and that they should vote for Mitt because he is white.

In fact, the entire Romney campaign can be boiled down to just a few words: “Vote for Mitt, he’s white”. There are no policies or specifics, just code-talking and word salads from Mitt and his surrogates. Take away the appeals to white power and Mitt holds an empty hand. They can try and hide it, or whitewash it with weasel words and bullshit, but the Negrophope Strategy is the foundation of their campaign.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the Republican Party has NOTHING else to offer America. NOTHING. Their views are theirs, and they are sticking to them, come HELL OR HIGH WATER.  The current Republican Party has nothing to offer American voters but:

  • DISTRACTIONS- from the looming issues that matter to us
  • DENIGRATION- of our CORE American values and morals
  • DECEPTION-  using bait and switch tactics by lying about their extreme platform
  • DOUBLING DOWN- on the STUPID with attempts at re-defining rape, and controlling women’s reproductive health rights and choices
  • DISINFRANCHISEMNET- through attempts at VOTER Suppression, Intimidation, and Voter purging
  • DENIAL- about their Party’s racism, fear of losing their power as a white majority in American

So why should any American voter consider casting a vote for Mitt Romney?



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18 Responses to Mitt Romney Has Not Released His Tax Returns Or A Clear Vision For American, Releases Race-Baiting- FEAR THE NEGRO Tactics Instead

  1. Ametia says:

    Convicted Tax Cheat Attended Romney 47 Percent Fundraiser

    The candidate lambasted Americans who don’t pay income taxes…in front of an audience that included one businessman who’d gone to jail for evading them.

    —By David Corn
    | Thu Oct. 25, 2012 6:33 AM PDT

    When Mitt Romney assailed Americans who he claimed don’t pay federal income taxes during his infamous 47 percent rant in May, one of the guests in the room for this intimate Boca Raton fundraiser was a convicted tax cheat who had gone to jail for failing to pay a quarter of a million dollars owed to Uncle Sam.

    James Batmasian, an influential Florida developer and philanthropist, was among the well-heeled crowd at this $50,000-a-plate dinner, which was held at the home of private equity mogul Marc Leder. According to his wife, Marta Batmasian, a member of Romney’s Florida finance committee, her husband had attended as her guest after she was “invited for being a donor at the required level.” Weeks before the event, she had contributed $50,000 to the Romney presidential effort.

  2. Bette says:

    I’ve been saying for months romney was gonna turn into ‘Obama White’ and he sure did! I’m surprised he waited this long, but now see his so-called strategy. Too many people don’t pay attention until the last few weeks, and until the debates. Now with all the lies he’s repeating to the Nth degree, they believe it and I am worried. We need to continue to call out those tax returns and also yell loudly about his mormon cult. We only have days left,however, I do keep jumping to forums and talking about this shell of a man. I can’t bear to look at his smug face anymore, especially after he thinks he’s said something great, he gets that “you can adore me now” look. How I’d like to smack it off his face!

  3. The cartoon is just… mind blowing! The mindset. He would rather meet death than be saved by a black man. Wow! And we’re witnessing it today.

    • Ametia says:

      Yes; and while the mofo’s drowning & refusing help, he’s still BLAMING the Black man. See how much power POTUS has?

      Racists NEVER, ever take responsiblity for the racism and hate.

  4. Dennis G. says:

    Thanks for the mention. Cheers and let’s win this thing.

  5. All of you have said it perfectly.I do not have money,or fame or any specialties,but l’d give anything to makr sure we have four more years PBO,in the white house,with even the promise of hope,then that rich stuffed uppity ass romney,l can’t stand that prick,he dosen’t want to be the president,he wants to be the mofo ruler of the world,there would be nothing left of us peons,dame who would shine his mf shoes.good job ametia,get em again.

  6. OK, Ametia! You went and did the damn thing! Good Post!

  7. Ametia says:

    21st Century GOP

  8. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Nor should you expect any further details on the (probabl) $1Billion USC Romney has hidden away in Forein Tax Havens. HRH Ann declared you people have all the information you’re going to get. As for the Racist Romney Campaign, it was clear during the 3rd debate that Romney foreign policy ideas are ‘Everything Obama has done but Whiter.’

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