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Video | “LYIN RYAN” Thanks To Twitter, Media Forced To Call Out Paul Ryan’s LYING

Ya got nothing to offer AMERICANS but LIES, Paul Ryan. HERE’S THE TAKE DOWN OF PAUL RYAN’S SEA OF LIES: From Salon:  Paul Ryan’s brazen lies: His Republican National Convention speech was stunning for its dishonesty Source Salon Paul Ryan … Continue reading

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Videos | RNC DAY 3: The Speeches, Bush Tributes, Iran War Mongering, Black-Face Condi, Denial Of GOP OBSTRUCTIONISM, But NO Talk Of Vaginas

h/t DU-Thank you And by the way, Miss Ann; if you REALLY wanted us to see who Mitt really is, MITT CAN RELEASE HIS TAX RETURNS,MMMMKAY! THE MEME THROUGHOUT THIS CONVENTION IS WEEZ LOOKING OUT FOR OUR CHILDREN & GRANDKIDS. … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Wednesday Open Thread | The Day After: RNC SPEECHES |


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Note To RNC People: WE.ALL.DID.

JOIN THE TRUTH TEAM & HELP DEBUNK THE GOP JUNK HERE ON TWITTER. I plan to watch the RNC. I’m watching it right now. I want to see and hear the further mockery of our democracy. I want to see … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Do-Over – ConventionReinvention.com & Sunday Show Wrap Up

CAST OF CHARACTERS RATED “N” FOR NOT GONNA WORK! UPDATED New York Times writes how Romney’s “convention re-invention” will include a desperate attempt to convince the middle class he actually cares about them by launching false attacks on issues like … Continue reading

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Governor Bob ” TransVaginal Probe” McDonnell Chairs RNC Platform Committee

From USA Today The RNC just announced that Bob “trans-vaginal probe” McDonnell will be IN CHARGE of the RNC platform at the convention this year. McDonnell endorsed Mitt Romney in January and has been mentioned as a possible running mate … Continue reading

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