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Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan Can’t Sell Decimating Medicare To Sharp AARP Crowd

And the AARP crowd WILL NOT TAKE YOUR WORD FOR IT, Lil Eddie. Let’s debunk the madness right here and NOW: A law that would force steep cuts to real benefits to real people in real times… “The first step … Continue reading

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Video | “LYIN RYAN” Thanks To Twitter, Media Forced To Call Out Paul Ryan’s LYING

Ya got nothing to offer AMERICANS but LIES, Paul Ryan. HERE’S THE TAKE DOWN OF PAUL RYAN’S SEA OF LIES: From Salon:  Paul Ryan’s brazen lies: His Republican National Convention speech was stunning for its dishonesty Source Salon Paul Ryan … Continue reading

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VIDEO | Andrea Saul, Mitt Romney’s Press Secretary Says If Only Fired Employee Joe Soptic Had ‘Romneycare’

Apparently individual health care mandates and RomneyCare in MASSACHUSETTS is Americans only hope to receive good medical care, from grave illnesses in order to STAY ALIVE.  And so would the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA) OBAMA CARE! Joe Soptic Andrea Saul Romneycare would … Continue reading

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