Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan Can’t Sell Decimating Medicare To Sharp AARP Crowd


Let’s debunk the madness right here and NOW:

A law that would force steep cuts to real benefits to real people in real times… “The first step to a stronger Medicare is to repeal OBAMA CARE, because it represents the worst of both worlds.”


Let’s ask senior Helen R. how it’s working for her, shall we?

Read about how the ACA is helping Americans, especailly with senior citizens and their drug prescription costs. here.

Rikyrah Here:

Eddie Munster Ryan has some nerve standing before the AARP. And, I, for one, am thrilled that those folks told him where to go.

Just a reminder, and one of the few things that I would criticize the Obama Campaign for – I believe that they never should talk about Ryan without including that he was the architect behind George W. Bush’s scheme to PRIVATIZE SOCIAL SECURITY.

That’s right – he wasn’t on the sidelines, he was one of the actual architects of the scheme, putting it on paper that he was trying to shove through the Congress. THIS, after HE had been a recipient of SURVIVOR’S BENEFITS when his father died. So, it was ok for him, but for our Seniors, and everyone else, no thanks. Does anyone want a reminder of what would have happened to our elderly if their social security had been wrapped up in the stock market when the banks caused the global world collapse.

Rachel Maddow does a commercial on this – poverty has increased during these bad economic times for every group – except for our ELDERLY – and why is that? Because we have a social safety net for them: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Let’s make this absolutely clear and cut through the bull: Paul Ryan’s budget is a design to DESTROY MEDICARE.

He would throw our seniors back into the private healthcare industry, forcing them to FEND FOR THEMSELVES.

IMMEDIATELY – our seniors – would have to come up with $6,400…..the FIRST YEAR – to cover the gap that the VOUCHER would not cover.

THAT’s just the FIRST YEAR.

DO you know anyone 50 years and older THAT DOESN’T HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION?

I don’t. Even the healthiest of 50 year olds that I know have SOMETHING wrong with them.

And, can you even imagine our elders having to deal with the actual death panels that exist – INSURANCE COMPANIES?

The Ryan budget IMMEDIATELY would throw MILLIONS of SENIORS out into the street from the nursing homes where they reside.


His budget cuts BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS from Medicaid.

DO YOU have the money to pay for Grandma and Grandpa’s nursing home?

If not, you have no business voting for Romney/Ryan.

DO YOU have the space in your home and the time and manpower to take care of Grandma/Grandpa after they get thrown out the nursing home?

If not, you have no business voting for Romney/Ryan.

Do you know a Senior Citizen Veteran who gets most of their medical care through the VA?

If so, watch out – Ryan’s budget cuts the VA BUDGET BY 13% – in its FIRST YEAR.

Ryan won’t tell the truth about his budget and what it does to Medicare. He won’t be honest with the AARP or the American people about his intentions, so he LIES about it.

But, if you aren’t rich like Willard and you’re paying into Medicare, understand this – RYAN’S BUDGET WOULD DESTROY MEDICARE and give you a VOUCHER.


A VOUCHER that would NEVER cover the cost of your medical needs.
If you are a Senior who has been helped by the closing of the Medicare, Part D ‘Donut Hole’, guess what – under Romney/Ryan, that would go away, and your prescription bills would increase.

If you believe this country should have a social safety net, then you have no business voting for Romney/Ryan.

and, from BooMan Tribune:

for all of you in Wisconsin, pass this around

The Honest Republican

by Steven D
Fri Sep 21st, 2012 at 10:32:23 PM EST

Tommy Thompson, Republican US Senate candidate in Wisconsin — unlike Paul Ryan who still tries to hide the stinky cheese that his vaunted plan to save Medicare would essentially kill Medicare — makes no bones about the fact Republicans want to “do away with Medicare and Medicaid,” and he’s “just the guy to do it.

Woman; YOU BROKE IT DOWN LIKE A FRACTION. Thank you, Rikyrah.

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5 Responses to Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan Can’t Sell Decimating Medicare To Sharp AARP Crowd

  1. Ametia says:

    LYIN RYAN SOS- That’s sack-o-shit

  2. Karen says:

    Medicare WOULDN’T be going bankrupt if all those slimy politicians would keep their cotton picking fingers out of it!! They take money out of my paycheck, and always have, and it was meant to go into an account just for me..just like social security was supposed to..until the slimebags in Washington decided they could just go taking it like it was theirs. They robbed it and now expect us to pay for their thievery. They can just quite giving non human “corporations” welfare and give the money that they stole BACK to the REAL human beings and stop robbing what they take out of our paycheck every payday. Assholes.

  3. vitaminlover says:

    He truly had some gall to make such crass and stupid statements.

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