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Mitt Romney Says RomneyCare IS GOOD For American Women – ACA BAD For America Women?

As Mitt Romney tries uselessly to gain women’s support after a horrendous week of Todd Akin-Paul Ryan platform of NO ABORTIONS, not even in the case of RAPE, MITT ROMNEY AGREES ON ROMNEYCARE-OBAMACARE, JUST NOT THE OBAMACARE-ACA PART. I loathe … Continue reading

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VIDEO | Andrea Saul, Mitt Romney’s Press Secretary Says If Only Fired Employee Joe Soptic Had ‘Romneycare’

Apparently individual health care mandates and RomneyCare in MASSACHUSETTS is Americans only hope to receive good medical care, from grave illnesses in order to STAY ALIVE.  And so would the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ACA) OBAMA CARE! Joe Soptic Andrea Saul Romneycare would … Continue reading

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Romney CARED About ROMNEYCARE! | Emails Surfaced Detailing Mitt’s DEFENSE Of Individual Mandate

When Mitt Romney left office as Massachusetts governor, his aides removed all emails from a server computer in the governor’s office, and purchased and carted off hard drives from 17 state-owned personal computers, according to a current state official. But … Continue reading

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Videos | Affordable Care Act aka “OBAMA CARE” Being Argued/Defended Before The Supreme Court This Week

Get your T-shirts here.  I’m getting one. Two years after the passage of the Affordble Care Act, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments/defense beginning Monday, on the 2010 Health care Law the Obama administration championed.  The arguments will not … Continue reading

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