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Wednesday Open Thread | Sheku Kanneh-Mason Week

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying Sheku week.

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Wednesday Open Thread

Happy HUMP DAY, Everyone! ICYMI- AG Holder warns us, “DON’T NORMALIZE Trump.” Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder discusses the independent counsel investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election, his work at a national redistricting effort, and whether he … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread |

Happy Monday, Everyone. It ain’t Sunday, but we’re going to church anyway.

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Video |President Obama Holds a News Conference Pre-Holiday Hawaii Trip

Updated What Americans are you talking to, Julie?

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The Slow Motion Lynching of President Barack Obama by Frank Schaeffer

Rikyrah The Slow Motion Lynching of President Obama-By Frank Schaeffer SNIP: We’ve been watching a slow motion lynching of a moderate brilliant family man, a father, and faithful loving husband. The Republicans in Congress are so dedicated to lynching the … Continue reading

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Videos | Affordable Care Act aka “OBAMA CARE” Being Argued/Defended Before The Supreme Court This Week

Get your T-shirts here.  I’m getting one. Two years after the passage of the Affordble Care Act, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments/defense beginning Monday, on the 2010 Health care Law the Obama administration championed.  The arguments will not … Continue reading

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