Mitt Romney Says RomneyCare IS GOOD For American Women – ACA BAD For America Women?

As Mitt Romney tries uselessly to gain women’s support after a horrendous week of Todd Akin-Paul Ryan platform of NO ABORTIONS, not even in the case of RAPE, MITT ROMNEY AGREES ON ROMNEYCARE-OBAMACARE, JUST NOT THE OBAMACARE-ACA PART. I loathe this MOFO.

From Think Progress

Romney Touts Romneycare: I’m The Guy That Got ‘Health Care For All The Women And Men In My State’

ROMNEY: With regards to women’s health care, look, I’m the guy that was about to get health care for all of the women and men in my state. They’re talking about it on the federal level, we actually did something. […]

CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): So you’re saying, look at Romneycare?

ROMNEY: Well, absolutely. I am very proud of what we did, and the fact that we helped women and men and children in our state… And then with regard to contraceptives, of course Republicans, myself in particular, recognize that women have a right to use contraceptives. There is absolutely no validity whatsoever to the Obama effort to try and bring that up.

Really, Mitt?  So HEALTHCARE FOR MASSACHUSETTS IS GOOD because you did it, BUT ACA is BAD because President Obama did it? It’s too late to try and shift back to the center, Mitt Romney. Your embarace of BIRTHERISM sealed the deal for any SANE, intelligent, and respectful voter.

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