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Mitt Romney & Bain Capital; You’re “STEEL” The One

PRIORITIES USA ACTION; they are not playing with your Ass, Mitt Romney. “SCRAP STEEL”

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Because sometimes, there are no words… Say WHAT, Mitt Romney? Romney Wants His Taxes, Business Record Off Table

I’m gonna have to rush and post this, and I’ll be back later to comment. From Politico: Romney wants his taxes, business record off table By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 8/10/12 2:33 PM EDT Mitt Romney made an unusual suggestion in … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s VP Shortlist

Hat tip Democratic Underground for photo Let’s examine the VP picks shall we: Govenor Tim Pawlenty aka “T-PAW” “What you mean the 35 W Bridge done collasped ….And  I left the state of Minnesota with a $5 billion state budget deficit?” Rob … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney, President of The 1% Tax Plan: “PICKPOCKET”

Mitt Romney’s creepy hand wants your $2k to pay for tax breaks for his millionaire and billionaire friends. Tell Mitt Romney: Get your hand out of my pocket! It looks bad for Mitt Romney to push a tax plan that … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Friday Open Thread | Pointer Sisters Week!

Happy FRY-day, Everyone. We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s featured artists The Pointer Sisters. JUMP (FOR MY LOVE) NEUTRON DANCE BLATANT PLEASE PUT PUT PAUL RYAN ON THE VP TICKET… GO AHEAD MAKE OUR DAY, MITT ROMNEY.

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