Because sometimes, there are no words… Say WHAT, Mitt Romney? Romney Wants His Taxes, Business Record Off Table

I’m gonna have to rush and post this, and I’ll be back later to comment.

From Politico:

Romney wants his taxes, business record off table
By MAGGIE HABERMAN | 8/10/12 2:33 PM EDT Mitt Romney made an unusual suggestion in his interview with Chuck Todd yesterday, which First Read previewed thusly:

*** This is business not personal: Romney also said in the interview he would like a pledge (of sorts) with Obama that there be no “personal” attack ads. “[O]ur campaign would be — helped immensely if we had an agreement between both campaigns that we were only going to talk about issues and that attacks based upon — business or family or taxes or things of that nature.” (Question: Is Romney really saying that scrutinizing his business record — which he has held up as one of his chief qualifications to be president — is personal?

But we digress. …) He continued: “[W]e only talk about issues. And we can talk about the differences between our positions and our opponent’s position.” Romney said of his own campaign: “[O]ur ads haven’t gone after the president personally. … [W]e haven’t dredged up the old stuff that people talked about last time around. We haven’t gone after the personal things.” That doesn’t mean surrogates or Super PACs have, as was brought up to him. Bottom line, obviously, this negative stuff is getting to Romney or he wouldn’t have said this. Campaigns that are winning never complain about the tone of the campaign (although Obama certainly laments “crazy” things outside groups say — more on that below.). There will be more on this from Romney on MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown. Did he just offer the Obama campaign an official pledge? See for yourself.

Talking about candidates’ personal finances is hardly novel, nor is it irrelevant — how candidates make their money, however much or how little they’ve earned over the years, is not only fair game but a legitimate line of inquiry. The question of tax returns is also not new (to that end, Romney has said he would also release his 2011 taxes, but has yet to do so, with less than three months to go in the race).

What is surprising is hearing a candidate say, essentially, “stop hitting me.” As the folks at First Read note, this would seem to be something of a concession that the negatives are bothering the candidate, whom a round of new national polls shows running at a deficit that exceeds the margin of error. Some of the attacks have indeed gone rather far over the line (the ad that yokes a man’s loss of his job due to Bain Capital to his wife’s death was at minimum factually off and at most suggests a pretty ugly thing about the candidate).

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Ametia is adding this video:

Senator Barack Obama: “If someone comes at me; I WILL KNOCK THEM OUT.” I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but I if I think they are trying to take advantage of me; I WILL CRUSH THEM.” Yout got that, Mitt Romney?

I’m Ametia, and I approve this message.

Ok, this is rikyrah, and I’m back.

You know…I almost still have no words.

Have you EVER

and I do mean EVER


I mean that.

This mofo, who LIES everytime he opens his mouth.

He lies so much that Steve Benen has pretty much had a WEEKLY COLUMN chronicling his lies. Benen posted his TWENTY-NINTH EDITION today.


And, these aren’t short columns, with 2 or 3 items in them. They are long, and get longer by the week.

So, Willard & Co can LIE about the President of the United States. Cast aspersions at him. Attempt to cast the President as ‘ other’. Insult the President’s PATRIOTISM.

And, have SuperPacs lie in ads about the President 24/7/365.

But, Team Obama presents THE TRUTH about Willard, and suddenly, it’s ‘ waaah waaah waah’.

Willard Romney said that he was qualified to be President because he was this great businessman, and the country needed someone who ‘understood’ the economy.

THAT is what he based his candidacy upon.

He wouldn’t mention that he was Governor of Massachusetts. It wasn’t even on his official Website.

No. He said, he was qualified to be President of the United States because of the time that he had spent in the private sector.

OK, then.

If this is the basis upon which your ENTIRE candidacy is based, then that means EVERYTHING that happened there is fair game, and open for scrutiny.

This man was born on third base, believes he should be worshipped for crossing home plate, and has had everything handed to him in life.

And, thought that the PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES was just gonna be handed to him.

I’ve said the following before, and will repeat it now:
1. Willard’s been running for President officially since 2007, and not one of his supporters can tell me 3 things that he stands for and would do as President.
2. He is a human cipher with no core, who believes in nothing, except that HE should be President.
3. That he ran against amateurs and grifters in the GOP Primary, and did nothing but bury them under negative ads. He never presented a case FOR his candidacy – not even to the GOP Primary Voters. And, he was delusional enough to think that that was going to be enough against the team that a) defeated the Clinton Machine and b) got a Black man elected President of the United States.

He really is arrogant enough to think that he could pull the same scam twice – with regards to the tax returns, and folks were just gonna be ok with it.

I love the tax return issue, because:
1. the messaging of it is so simple:

2. the message can be gotten around the MSM, which has been doing its best to cover for Willard.

Willard acts like ‘ how dare you’ question me.

And folks are like ‘ where are the tax returns’?

So, they trot out Miss Ann to tell us how ‘ generous’ Willard is. …um, Miss Ann, nobody believes your entitled ass either.

Show us the tax returns.

He’s not even man enough to stand up to the example of his OWN FATHER.

The mane’s been running for President officially since 2007…..why can’t he trot out at least the last 5 years automatically?

The past few weeks, we heard about the scam of tax shelters that Willard tried to get for the Marriot Corporation that the IRS said HELL NO too.

THAT is the scheme that’s in this ‘SON OF BOSS’ ad by the Obama Campaign.

Once I heard about that scam, I began to strongly believe that Willard’s on that 2009 AMNESTY LIST.

Oh, he would do illegal shyt for a corporation, but not for himself?

I don’t think so.

Which is why he won’t release even the last 5 years of his tax returns, because someone that knows how to read those things would go ‘ Um, weren’t these offshore schemes deemed illegal by the IRS?’

The 100 million dollar IRA

The 100 million he gave to his sons – TAX FREE

The offshore bank accounts.

The IRS itself said that the only people who have money in the Cayman Islands are: a) tax dodgers, b)criminals, c) terrorists.

THAT is the kind of company Willard’s money keeps. And, one wonders how close Willard’s money is with the others. After all, we found out that this week, FORTY PERCENT of the startup money came from those who funded the right-wing death squads in El Salvador.

That’s right….the beginnings of Bain was done with BLOOD MONEY.

What is happening now, is that Willard is being VETTED.

THIS is what VETTING looks like, Willard.

NOBODY is handing you the Presidency of the United States.

So, you can take your whining about the President and his team being mean to you..

and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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30 Responses to Because sometimes, there are no words… Say WHAT, Mitt Romney? Romney Wants His Taxes, Business Record Off Table

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  2. Beth says:

    Yeah Mitt, when and if you stop telling lies and whining about our president, maybe….we will stop telling the TRUTH about YOU!!! (or not…)

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  4. Ron McCune says:

    Want to hear something really disguising! We Americans have a candidate for president of the United States, namely Willard Mitt Romney, who got his start in the business world with money from those that were in some way connected to terrorist and has helped those terrorist make money over the years so that they could continue on with their terrorism! That is totally DISGUISING! When Romney first started Bain Capital he had a hard time finding investors. He was told that he might have better luck finding investors overseas. So he search around and came upon a group of people from El Salvador that were looking for ways to make money with their income. Now at that time in El Salvador there was a revolution going on between the rich land owners and the pheasant population for control of the farming lands of El Salvador. This was not just a protest revolution. This was a killing revolution. The land owners hires a secret killing force who were killing many protesters in order to put fear into the protesters. This was a known fact to the world and to Romney. However Romney still decided to team up with some of the very rich farm land owners to take their money and make investments in Bain Capital so that he could make these rich land owners richer which in turn gave the rich owners more money to hire more terrorist and buy more weapons for them so that they can kill more pheasants. Romney knew that family members of the investors were involved in the terrorist acts of killing. Those associated with the investors would brag about about the terrorist attacks while they were in Miami where they lived or were there to have meetings with Romney and Bain. Yet Romney continued to do business with these rich land owners and did so even after the terrorist killed a Bishop who was trying to speak up for the pheasants. Romney and Bain helped finance the killings of El Salvadorians. This is the kind of guy you people want to elect as your President of the United States. To read more about this story read the Huffington Post issue of 8/8/2012. I hope more media outlets look into this story some more because this is disgusting that Romney did this.

  5. rikyrah says:

    Maddow on Willard tonight:

    Tax avoidance as a lifelong hobby.

  6. rikyrah says:

    found this in the comments at the Maddow Blog:


    Obama’s already using Marquess of Queensberry Rules. The problem is that the reason one wears boxing gloves is to keep from breaking one’s hands on the other guy’s face. Getting hit in the face by a gloved hand is still getting hit in the face.

    No, Romney doesn’t want Marquess of Queensbury Rules. He wants Cranbook School Rules. You know, the rules that say he gets to assemble a mob to hold down someone he doesn’t like while he commits assault and battery against his hopeless adversary and then suffers no consequences for doing so.

    That’s how its been his whole life. Now he’s in a fair fight for the first time in his whole life and it’s just not fair, not cricket, totally improper, dontcha see.

    Like all bullies, he turns into a WLB when someone fights back. But hey, it’ll be fine if he wins because the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, and the Iranians totally respect WLB’s who ask for truces when they start losing.

    • rikyrah says:

      found this one too:


      “[O]ur campaign would be helped immensely if we had an agreement between both campaigns that we were only going to talk about issues and that attacks based upon business or family or taxes or things of that nature, this is just a diversion,” Romney said. He added, “I would love to have a setting where we only talk about issues.”

      Your campaign would be helped immensely if anyone else was the candidate. Everything about you is a lie: what you say, what you do, what you’ve done in your life. All lies.

      Welcome to the world of political hardball, little Willard, where the only thing you’re entitled to is to not be physically assassinated.

      Your business was being a cannibal, your wife is an entitled princess, your sons have no talent other than the luck of their birth, your taxes are toxic, and the things you say you believe in today you won’t tomorrow. All of which is fair fame in figuring out if you are worth being President. So far you’re a fail on all counts.

    • Ametia says:

      Mitt thought the GOP “Southern Strategy & voter suppression, and his blood money would be his ticket to the WH,

  7. rikyrah says:

    The Daily Beast had this article Aug 7, 2012: Brigham Young’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney. In this article Ms. Emmett makes the following statement:

    Ms. Emmett says Romney was a bishop, and that this is a position where people defer to you. “Mitt has had people defer to him and not challenge him his entire life,” says Emmett. “In the Mormon church if you challenge your priesthood leaders it’s a very bad thing to do, especially for women. As the world can now see, Mitt has a very hard time with being questioned and criticized; he’s had so little of this in his life.”

  8. Ametia says:

    That’s Rikyrah, folks; fininshig what she started.


  9. rikyrah says:


    Dear Mr. Romney,
    We have contacted you now several times regarding your missing tax returns for years ending 2000 through 2011. To date we have only received a partial return for year ending 2010 and a “projection” of taxes for year ending 2011. Unfortunately this is inadequate documentation to evaluate your financial history and allegiances, which are critical to understand your previous behavior.

    Given the disappointing Swiss bank accounts and Cayman shell corporations that we have previously discussed, these documents are now critical to better understand your past financial background. This understanding is in turn required in order to make an informed decision regarding your capability to perform the financially sensitive position that you have applied for.

    If you have recently released the tax returns for years ending 2000-2011, please accept our sincere apology and we will continue to evaluate your application. If however we do not receive your tax records for the years ending 2000-2011 , we regret that we will be unable to process your application, and unable to consider you for the position for which you have applied.

    If this is the case, we want to send our appreciation for your effort and application and encourage you to reapply when you are better able to meet with our admittedly high standards.

    Thank You and Best Regards.

    The American People

  10. Ametia says:

    We need an AD titled ‘YOU DIDN’T PAY THAT.” Re: Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

  11. Ametia says:

    Ann has been serenading Mittens with this tune to prepare him for the Presidency:

  12. Ametia says:

    Cry us a fucking river, Mittens.

  13. Ametia says:


  14. Eric Bogan says:

    Sorry Maggie, when you or other media types can point out what was ‘factually wrong’ about that ad, OR actually get Mr. Soptic’s side of the story, you and all you media moralists can have a stadia full of seats Rmoney has run the most dishonest, fraudulent campaign in recent memory, and she wants to tut-tut about the fact that Bain’s dealings had REAL WORLD consequences for everyday folks trying to make a living?? F that bullshit.

    • Ametia says:

      TELL.IT. ERIC.

      fI Maggie and her “media types” had an ounce of intergrity, they would inteview Mr. Sopitc and other regular hard-working American’s like him to get their thoughts on what they think about the presidential candidates. Nope1 They give this SPINELESS, white privileged robot a mic sot that he can BEG mercy from the big bad Black POTUS.

      Maggie didn’t interview Barack Obama and toot the horn about the dogwhistling,

      Give uo the tax returns, Mit Romney. You can cry uncle all you want. Put up the goods, or get the fuck outta the race.

      Whip that AZZ, Mr. President. WHIP.IT.GOOD.

    • rikyrah says:

      thank you, ERIC

  15. Ametia says:

    Mitt told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow he was “PROUD” of his record at BAIN.

    Which is Mitt Romney? Business record on the record with CNBC’ Kudlow, FOX & Firends, race-baiters, dogwhistling right wingers, but not the Obama campaign?

    KUDLOW: Do you think that–do you think that President Obama has demonized you and your experiences at Bain Capital? And do you–are you satisfied with your response, you know, to the timing when you left Bain Capital or investments in overseas operations and things of that nature? Do you think you have more work to do on your Bain Capital story?

    Gov. ROMNEY: Look, I’m very proud of my experience at Bain Capital. I hope people understand that I was investing other people’s money for them and was compensated if we were highly successful. And the returns came to groups that included charities and college endowments. Those are the people who received the greatest rewards from our successes. We were also able–I saw a report by the current partners of Bain Capital over the history of the firm, which I helped start, they made some 350 investments, 80 percent of which grew. That’s the kind of record which I’m pretty proud of.

  16. Ametia says:

    Romney Declares Central Premise of His Candidacy Off-Limits

    FINANCES & BUSINESS RECORDS off LIMITS? Get the fuck out of the presidential race now Mitt Romney, just get the fuck out, because finances and your tax records are staying on 3 Chics’ table.

  17. Ametia says:

    HELL NO! ummm, Maggie, Mitt hasn’t SEEN or KNOWN ugly yet.

    When you can show me a write-up on the foul, disgusting, racists, bigoted name-calling shit that has been thrown at President Obama since before 2009, we can talk about using “UGLY” & CANDIDATE in the same sentence.

  18. Ametia says:

    YOU BEAT ME TO IT! Thanks, rikyrah

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