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President Obama Told Americans We Have A Choice, Come November 6| Mitt Romney Sealed That Truth Today With His Choice Of Paul Ryan

My grandpa used to say A GOOD TEACHER REPEATS, AND REPEATS, AND REPEATS… Mitt Romney has been running a campaign against Obama. any further attempts at making HIS campaign a referendum on President Obama, have been failing, and for all … Continue reading

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VIDEOS| Mitt Romney Made Tax Avoidance A HOBBY | That’s His & Paul Ryans Vision For The 1% Of Americans?

Two clips of Rachel Maddow’s on Mitt Romney’s Tax Avoidance (SON OF BOSS) schemes. GOTTA LOVE YOUTUBE! Romney in January: With 0% Capital Gains Tax Rate I Would Have Paid No Taxes Because Romney bowing down to THE WALL STREET … Continue reading

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Videos | Mitt Romney Can’t Walk Back His Support For Romney-Ryan Budget

First stop: THE INTRODUCTION 2012 THE INTRODUCTION 2008 SMGDH at the 2008 REDUX. If this isn’t an OMEN… Mitt Romney has endoresed the Ryan Plan from jump, and now that he’s selected Paul Ryan as his VP pick, he’s trying … Continue reading

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So, it’s Romney/RYAN ……

And somewhere high atop of the Prudential Building, Team Obama is going ‘FOR REAL?’ ‘FOR REAL?’ Willard Romney has once again shown that he has no spine, and caved to the right-wing by choosing the Zombie-Eyed Grannie Killer known as … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

hat tip-The Obama Diary; Terrific Official White House Pics. President Barack Obama runs around his desk in the Oval Office with Sarah Froman, daughter of Nancy Goodman and Mike Froman, Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics, July 9, 2012. … Continue reading

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