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Video |Romney Campaign Vetting Paul Ryan To Release “Several Years” Of TAX RETURNS…Won’t Release His Own

Tonight on 60 Minutes Paul Ryan admitted that he has released “several years of tax returns during the VP vetting process. Mitt Romney, however has released a measley 1 year, 2010 and it wasn’t complete. If Mitt Romney needed to … Continue reading

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VIDEOS| Mitt Romney Made Tax Avoidance A HOBBY | That’s His & Paul Ryans Vision For The 1% Of Americans?

Two clips of Rachel Maddow’s on Mitt Romney’s Tax Avoidance (SON OF BOSS) schemes. GOTTA LOVE YOUTUBE! Romney in January: With 0% Capital Gains Tax Rate I Would Have Paid No Taxes Because Romney bowing down to THE WALL STREET … Continue reading

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Video | “SON OF BOSS”- Raises Questions About Mitt Romney’s Tax History – LARGEST TAX AVOIDANCE SCHEME IN HISTORY

My Grandpa used to say a GOOD TEACHER, REPEATS, AND REPEATS, AND REPEATS. Mitt Romney’s tax history should be questioned. His use of SON OF BOSS tax shelters need to be examined.  More after the video. Ben LaBolt OFA’s  NPS  released a memo:  Romney’s … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney & His Ties To The Largest Tax Avoidance Scheme in History

From CNN  Did Romney enable company’s abusive tax shelter?  By Peter C. Canellos and Edward D. Kleinbard: Excerpt Mitt Romney’s refusal to release tax returns in the critical years of his income accumulation has done little to dispel the legitimate … Continue reading

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