Video |Romney Campaign Vetting Paul Ryan To Release “Several Years” Of TAX RETURNS…Won’t Release His Own

Tonight on 60 Minutes Paul Ryan admitted that he has released “several years of tax returns during the VP vetting process. Mitt Romney, however has released a measley 1 year, 2010 and it wasn’t complete.

If Mitt Romney needed to examine several years of tax returns to determine whether Paul Ryan was qualified to be Vice President, why won’t he let the American people see his own returns and determine if he himself is qualified to be President?

SCHIEFFER: How many years of tax returns did you turn over to the campaign?

RYAN: It was a very exhaustive vetting process. It’s a confidential vetting process, so there were several years.

AJC:  Paul Ryan says he’ll release 2 years of taxes 

WASHINGTON — Rep. Paul Ryan says he will only release two years of his tax returns — the same amount Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has agreed to release.

Romney’s running mate says voters are concerned about the economy, not tax returns. He says the focus on the candidates’ tax returns is a distraction from President Barack Obama’s record.

Ryan tells CBS’ “60 Minutes” that he and Romney will focus on what it takes to turn the country around.

Romney has been criticized for refusing to turn over more tax returns. Romney has released one year so far and vowed to release this year’s returns when they are ready.

A Romney adviser says Ryan gave the campaign “several” years of tax returns when he was being vetted, but wouldn’t specify how many.


Does Mitt Romney think that requesting A BUNCH of TAX RETURNS from his VP picks ABSOLVES him from releasing his?
Romney has stated that he will release his 2011 TAX RETURNS (AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN DOCTORED), and that’s it.

“YOU PEOPLE” have seen all you’re go to see. That’s it. How’s my imppression of Miss Ann?


In Awkward Moment, Ryan Says He Wants To Eliminate Tax Shelters That People Like Romney Enjoy

RYAN: What we’re saying is, take away the tax shelters that are uniquely enjoyed by people in the top tax brackets so they can’t shelter as much money from taxation, should lower tax rates for everybody to make America more competitive.

Romney:  Say WUH?!!  Keep the popcorn fresh and hot, and lotsa butta please!

Remember SON OF BOSS & Romney served as a director of marriott International and chaired the audit committee WHILE THE COMPANY “Repeatedly Utilized Complex Tax-Avoidance Maneuvers”

Repost of Tax Experts Peter Canellos And Edward Kleinbard’s CNN Piece: “A Key Troubling Public Manifestation Of Romney’s Apparent Insensitivity To Tax Obligations Is His Role In Marriott International’s Abusive Tax Shelter Activity.” “Mitt Romney’s refusal to release tax returns in the critical years of his income accumulation has done little to dispel the legitimate concern that arises from hints buried in his scant disclosure to date: Did he augment his wealth through highly aggressive tax stratagems of questionable validity? One relevant line of inquiry, largely ignored so far, is to examine what exists in the public record regarding his attitude toward tax compliance and tax avoidance. While this examination is hampered because his dealings through his private equity company, Bain Capital, are kept shrouded, there are other indicators. A key troubling public manifestation of Romney’s apparent insensitivity to tax obligations is his role in Marriott International’s abusive tax shelter activity.”

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2 Responses to Video |Romney Campaign Vetting Paul Ryan To Release “Several Years” Of TAX RETURNS…Won’t Release His Own

  1. Ametia says:

    August 13, 2012
    Leaked Memo from Romney to Ryan
    Posted by Andy Borowitz

    NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—After watching its Vice-Presidential pick on the campaign trail over the weekend, the Romney campaign today issued the following confidential memo to Representative Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.):

    From: Romney for President Campaign
    To: Paul Ryan
    Subject: Tweaks

    We want to stress just how excited we are to have you as a member of America’s Comeback Team. The following suggestions are intended to make a super performance even superer:

    1. On your first stop on Saturday, you said, “I’m opposed to Obamacare and Medicare, and also the word ‘care.’ ” Even though that was a big applause line, we’re concerned that the MSM may take it out of context.

    2. Some of your proposals, while bold and terrific, may need to be focus-grouped before you go public with them. We’re thinking in particular of your town hall meeting on Sunday, when you proposed replacing Medicaid with Groupons. Also, we may want to dial back comments about putting the elderly on ice floes and letting them drift out to sea. Whenever an audience member at a campaign event needs a defibrillator that makes for bad optics.

    3. Good people to quote in speeches: Ronald Reagan, Grover Norquist, Milton Friedman. Names to avoid: Ayn Rand, Marie Antoinette.

    4. Just a suggestion/thought, but maybe come up with alternative ending for stump speech, other than “We’re America’s Comeback Team, and we’re going to make America come back to the year 1860.”

    Other than those tweaks, just keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but nobody’s talking about Mitt’s tax returns anymore! LOL
    Read more

  2. Ametia says:

    Tax returns for me, not for thee
    By Steve Benen – Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:25 AM EDT.

    When Mitt Romney was considered for John McCain’s ticket in 2008, he turned over 23 years’ worth of tax returns as part of the vetting process. In 2012, Romney has disclosed returns for one year, and assures us that one more is on the way eventually.

    Why is he ignoring calls for more disclosure, even from his fellow Republicans? Romney won’t say.

    But when it comes to evaluating others, Romney and his team have a different standard. Beth Myers, who oversaw the vice-presidential search, conceded she’d obtained “several years” of income tax returns from those being considered. The subject also came up on “60 Minutes” last night. Tricia posted a fuller clip earlier, but this excerpt stood out.

    Bob Schieffer, interviewing Romney and Paul Ryan together, asked the VP nominee how many years of tax returns he turned over to the campaign. The congressman said it was “a very exhaustive vetting process,” and he shared materials going back “several years.”

    So, when American voters are evaluating a candidate, they’re entitled to look at one or two years’ worth of returns, but when Romney is evaluating a candidate, he’s entitled to more. Hmm.

    Also note, Ryan went on to say he would only share with the public returns for two years, even though he gave more to Team Romney, and by way of explanation, the Wisconsin Republican changed the subject.

    I don’t think this issue is going away anytime soon. Even Bill Kristol, who actively lobbied to add Ryan to the Republican ticket, has said, “It’s crazy. You’ve got to release 6, 8, 10 years of back tax returns.”

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