Video | “SON OF BOSS”- Raises Questions About Mitt Romney’s Tax History – LARGEST TAX AVOIDANCE SCHEME IN HISTORY


Mitt Romney’s tax history should be questioned. His use of SON OF BOSS tax shelters need to be examined.  More after the video.

Ben LaBolt OFA’s  NPS  released a memo:  Romney’s Tax Dodge Extended to Businesses He Managed


There are many outstanding and serious questions that have raised about Mitt Romney’s manipulation of the tax laws:

1.     The history of Romney’s Swiss bank account, which he failed to properly disclose on his personal financial disclosure reports and was revealed only by the single full year of tax returns Romney has disclosed so far.

2.     How and when the Bermuda corporation Romney has owned for nearly 15 years – but had transferred to a blind trust in his wife’s name the day before he was sworn in as Governor – ended up back in his full ownership of outside of the trust, as reported on his 2010 tax return.

3.     The details he recently promised ABC News (a promise on which he then reneged) about whether he ever paid a lower income-tax rate than the 13.9 percent he paid in 2010, far lower than what many Americans pay.

4.     Details of Romney’s personal interests in at least 12 Bain Capital holdings in the Cayman Islands, worth as much as $30 million.

5.     How Mitt Romney’s IRA grew to become worth as much as $100 million despite an annual contribution limit of $30,000.

6.     To what extent was Romney personally involved in the tax trickery that Italian taxpayers are still paying a price for.

7.     To what extent Romney gained financially by turning a blind eye to the largest tax avoidance scheme in history when he led Marriott’s audit committee.

The disclosure of Romney’s tax returns is an essential step in getting answers to these questions.  Romney has asked the American people to elect him based on his business career and economic expertise. New revelations make clear this week that he will go to any lengths to create profit for himself, even if it means significant, harmful consequences for businesses and taxpayers. Americans have a right to know whether he did in fact unduly gain from tax avoidance schemes.  Read the rest here.

Check out 3 Chics politico post here:  Mitt Romney & His Ties To The Largest Tax Avoidance Scheme in History

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7 Responses to Video | “SON OF BOSS”- Raises Questions About Mitt Romney’s Tax History – LARGEST TAX AVOIDANCE SCHEME IN HISTORY

  1. rikyrah says:

    go, Mr. President!!!

    beat his ass like he stole something.

    they are NOT playing with you, Willard

  2. majiir says:

    In the online version of my local newspaper here in red Middle GA, all I saw when I logged on were posts about Romney calling the president a liar because of the Priorities USA ad. Romney is a first class whiner. He wants the president to tell Priorities USA to stop running the ad. How dumb is he? Federal campaign law states that no political candidate can co-ordinate with a PAC! PBO would violate the law if he told Priorities USA to stop running the ad. I know PBO knows this, but I’m not sure about Romney. If he does know it, he’s willingly encouraging PBO to break the law. Not gonna happen. Romney is in panic mode, and he’s catching it from all sides. I think even some in the MSM are tired of his whining and his lies. I think we can pull this thing off in November, Ametia, and when we do, it will deal a blow to Citizens United. When the Supreme Court gave corporations free speech rights, the republicans were so sure that their money could buy elections. They forget with whom they were dealing–PBO, the best president with the best brain and campaign organization on the planet.

    • Ametia says:

      Mitt the Twit can dish it, but can’t eat it, when he SERVED. The Dems are beating the REthugs at the game Citizens United knighted them. No matter how much Mitt and nem try to paint PBO as some ficticious character from another universe, they can’t match his BRILLIANCE. NEVER.

      On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 4:24 PM, 3CHICSPOLITICO

  3. Ametia says:

    PBO: “I’ll see you one long form birth certificate, Governor Romney, for your tax returns.

  4. Ametia says:

    Ya wanna play with the big boys, you better bring your game, Mitt Romney.

  5. Ametia says:

    See Mittens, this is how BARACK aka “YOU PEOPLE” ROLLS! LMBAO

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