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Video | President Obama: My Goal Is Not to Chase a Balanced Budget for the Sake of Balance… My Goal is “JOBS”

President Obama and Democratic Party’s Goal = Updated full interview TRANSLATION: “Take this shit and shove it where the SUN don’t shine SON, I’M THE PRESIDENT.” Thank you, Presient Obama. Paul Ryan & GOP’s GOAL =

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Paul Ryan’s Pimping His Mama To Sell The Romney-Ryan MEDICARE Fairy Dust Lies To Senior Citizens

Paul Ryan to speak to a group of seniors in Florida at “THE VILLAGES.”  Watch the sideshow feliciasonmezFelicia Sonmez56 –Spotted flying above The Villages: plane with banner “Paul Ryan, keep your hands off our Medicare” pic.twitter.com/C0S8uRgS Coupon boy with his … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Radical VP Pick; Relying on Blatently Dishonest Ads; While Mitt Continuing to Withold His TAX RETURNS

Mitt Romney continues to run blatantly dishonest ads on the Obama administration’s welfare order. Independent news organizations and fact-checkers have repeatedly denounced these attacks as false: Politifact: “Pants on Fire” http://bit.ly/NbD23I Washington Post: “Four Pinocchios” http://wapo.st/MTHd6g Huffington Post: Romney Campaign … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Monday Open Thread

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Where’s Paul Ryan today? Not Florida. ******* Happy Monday, folks! This Week 3 Chics features artists of the Nineties. Why? Because try as I might, I can’t find any music worth my ear’s attention these days. So … Continue reading

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Romney-Rya​n’s Flawed Economic Approach Poorly Received Across the Country | Headlines Revealing

FIRST THINGS FIRST: The Media Helps Mitt Romney Use Paul Ryan To Change The Debate WHERE ARE YOUR TAX RETURNS, MITT ROMNEY? 3 CHICS POLITICO REMEMBERS. Here’s what the nation’s papers are saying about the Romney-Ryan ticket By bypassing Portman, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s VP Shortlist

Hat tip Democratic Underground for photo Let’s examine the VP picks shall we: Govenor Tim Pawlenty aka “T-PAW” “What you mean the 35 W Bridge done collasped ….And  I left the state of Minnesota with a $5 billion state budget deficit?” Rob … Continue reading

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Nuns On The Bus: First Stop Des Moines, Iowa | Mitt’s On A Boat: Next Stop Dubuque, Iowa!

Just getting around to posting about these courageous Sister of faith. Here’s a recap of the issue: Vatican Report on US Catholic Nuns EXCERPT AND VIDEO: BOB ABERNETHY, host: The Vatican released a major report this week cracking down on … Continue reading

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Romney-Rya​n Budget Would Double Interest Rate on Student Loans- Mitt Romney Tells Students to “SHOP AROUND”

MITT ROMNEY TELLS STUDENTS:  ” YOU BETTER SHOP AROUND” One thing that’s not getting talked about in the conversations about college affordability is Romney’s support of the Ryan budget, which would actually greatly increase the cost of college. See the official … Continue reading

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