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Video | President Obama: My Goal Is Not to Chase a Balanced Budget for the Sake of Balance… My Goal is “JOBS”

President Obama and Democratic Party’s Goal = Updated full interview TRANSLATION: “Take this shit and shove it where the SUN don’t shine SON, I’M THE PRESIDENT.” Thank you, Presient Obama. Paul Ryan & GOP’s GOAL =

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Paul Ryan’s Pimping His Mama To Sell The Romney-Ryan MEDICARE Fairy Dust Lies To Senior Citizens

Paul Ryan to speak to a group of seniors in Florida at “THE VILLAGES.”  Watch the sideshow feliciasonmezFelicia Sonmez56 –Spotted flying above The Villages: plane with banner “Paul Ryan, keep your hands off our Medicare” pic.twitter.com/C0S8uRgS Coupon boy with his … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Radical VP Pick; Relying on Blatently Dishonest Ads; While Mitt Continuing to Withold His TAX RETURNS

Mitt Romney continues to run blatantly dishonest ads on the Obama administration’s welfare order. Independent news organizations and fact-checkers have repeatedly denounced these attacks as false: Politifact: “Pants on Fire” http://bit.ly/NbD23I Washington Post: “Four Pinocchios” http://wapo.st/MTHd6g Huffington Post: Romney Campaign … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Monday Open Thread

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Where’s Paul Ryan today? Not Florida. ******* Happy Monday, folks! This Week 3 Chics features artists of the Nineties. Why? Because try as I might, I can’t find any music worth my ear’s attention these days. So … Continue reading

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Romney-Rya​n’s Flawed Economic Approach Poorly Received Across the Country | Headlines Revealing

FIRST THINGS FIRST: The Media Helps Mitt Romney Use Paul Ryan To Change The Debate WHERE ARE YOUR TAX RETURNS, MITT ROMNEY? 3 CHICS POLITICO REMEMBERS. Here’s what the nation’s papers are saying about the Romney-Ryan ticket By bypassing Portman, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s VP Shortlist

Hat tip Democratic Underground for photo Let’s examine the VP picks shall we: Govenor Tim Pawlenty aka “T-PAW” “What you mean the 35 W Bridge done collasped ….And  I left the state of Minnesota with a $5 billion state budget deficit?” Rob … Continue reading

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Nuns On The Bus: First Stop Des Moines, Iowa | Mitt’s On A Boat: Next Stop Dubuque, Iowa!

Just getting around to posting about these courageous Sister of faith. Here’s a recap of the issue: Vatican Report on US Catholic Nuns EXCERPT AND VIDEO: BOB ABERNETHY, host: The Vatican released a major report this week cracking down on … Continue reading

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