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Video | Paul Ryan AKA Eddie Munster & GOP Out With Same Ghoulish “Social Darwinism” Budget

‘We’re not going to give up on destroying the health care system’ Why are Paul Ryan and the GOP’s same FAILED REGRESSIVE policies being RECYCLED & REBROADCAST for American consumption? HERE WE GO FOLKS! SSDD= Same Shit, Different Day March … Continue reading

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Before Mitt Romney Calls The Cops… Independent News Sources Put Romney-Ryan & GOP’s Obama Medicare”Thievery Claims” On Blast

We know Mitt Romney likes to impersonate the police and arrest people. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are continuing to peddle their misleading claims about Medicare – ignoring their own plans, and relying on false rhetoric instead of facts: From … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s Pimping His Mama To Sell The Romney-Ryan MEDICARE Fairy Dust Lies To Senior Citizens

Paul Ryan to speak to a group of seniors in Florida at “THE VILLAGES.”  Watch the sideshow feliciasonmezFelicia Sonmez56 –Spotted flying above The Villages: plane with banner “Paul Ryan, keep your hands off our Medicare” pic.twitter.com/C0S8uRgS Coupon boy with his … Continue reading

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Senior ROMNEY ADVISER: Romney, Ryan “100% On The Same Page” In Turning Medicare Into Voucher System: Medicare Plans Explained

Start printing out these coupons and hand them out to Senior Citizens. Let them feel the coupons and see the face of Medicare’s future DEMISE under a Romney-Ryan administration. TARA WALL: “This ticket is unified. It is a unified ticket. … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! The GOP Puppet Must Continue the LIE

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE…  LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, LIAR! President Obama met with Paul Ryan and House GOP today, and here’s what Paul Ryan took from the meeting:   No, Paul Ryan.  You can … Continue reading

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Democrat Kathy Houchul Wins Special House Elections In NY-26: Attacked Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan!

                                                             Photo –David Duprey-AP Kathy Houchul sitting with constituents schooling them on the Ryan Plan to decimate Medicare. (my words) With about 90 percent of the precincts reporting, Hochul had 48 percent and Corwin 42 percent. Also on the ballot was a Democrat-turned-Tea … Continue reading

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