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Videos| VP Candidate Paul Ryan to Presidential Candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney: “QUIT HIDING YOUR MONEY IN THE CAYMAN ISLAND; WHY NOT MAKE IT AMERICA?”

I HEART YOUTUBE! 2010 2012 Speaks on tax havens starting around 13:00 minute mark-“REDUCE TAX SHELTERS”

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CNN Fact Checks Mitt Romney’s Welfare Ad Is “False,” “Doesn’t Work”

LIES FACTS-TRUTH TRANSCRIPT COSTELLO: The Romney campaign rolling out yet another commercial blasting President Obama for stripping the work requirement out of welfare. Republicans are expected to attack the President on that point at their convention, too, but is it … Continue reading

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Senior ROMNEY ADVISER: Romney, Ryan “100% On The Same Page” In Turning Medicare Into Voucher System: Medicare Plans Explained

Start printing out these coupons and hand them out to Senior Citizens. Let them feel the coupons and see the face of Medicare’s future DEMISE under a Romney-Ryan administration. TARA WALL: “This ticket is unified. It is a unified ticket. … Continue reading

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