Paul Ryan, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! The GOP Puppet Must Continue the LIE


President Obama met with Paul Ryan and House GOP today, and here’s what Paul Ryan took from the meeting:


No, Paul Ryan.  You can go on Roger Ailes’ Fox propaganda network and spin the lies, but here’s your voucher plan to scam Americans out of their MEDICARE:

The Ryan Medicare Plan:  Winners and Losers

Read the full 7 page plan, but I’ll save you some steps.


“This paper shows the implication of the CBO analysis of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan for overhauling the Medicare system. According to the CBO analysis, rising health care costs will quickly make a Medicare equivalent plan unaffordable to most beneficiaries.

Also, since costs rise as beneficiaries age, a Medicare equivalent plan will become less affordable to the same beneficiary as she gets older.

Finally, this plan implies a huge transfer of income from beneficiaries to health care providers and insurers, since the cost of delivering the same quality care will be substantially higher under Representative Ryan’s plan than under the existing Medicare system.”

And for now for the Obama Administration’s Affordable Care Act bill:

Report says health law benefits young adults

By Sam Baker – 05/26/11 03:00 PM ET

Some 600,000 young adults have taken advantage of a healthcare reform provision allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance policies, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fund.

The liberal think tank said young adults are increasingly delaying care because they can’t afford it and praised the healthcare law’s coverage expansion.

Close to half of all currently uninsured people between 19 and 29 will gain coverage under Medicaid once it expands in 2014, the report says. About one-third will be eligible for subsidies to buy private insurance through a newly created health exchange.

Read the 28 page report here.  It’s worth a read.

Realizing Health Reform’s PotentialHow the Affordable Care Act Is Helping Young Adults Stay Covered

Paul Ryan’s VOUCHER CARE for Seniors and the GOP to hold the debt ceiling bill hostage for medicare?  We’re not BUYING IT.

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1 Response to Paul Ryan, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! The GOP Puppet Must Continue the LIE

  1. Ametia says:

    Why Paul Ryan is losing the Medicare argument
    By E.J. Dionne Jr., Published: June 1
    It always gets back to health care.

    That’s why 2009 and 2010 were so consumed by President Obama’s push for health-care reform and why Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposals are at the center of politics in 2011. Our long-term budget problem is primarily about two things: a shortage of revenue and rising health-care costs.

    The revenue and health-cost issues are intertwined. The whole debate comes down to whether we want government to absorb a significant part of the risk of insuring us against illness, which means we’ll have to pay somewhat higher taxes, or whether we want to throw more and more of that risk onto individuals.

    So let’s welcome Ryan’s call for considering his proposals on their merits. Yes, Republicans who invented “death panels” out of whole cloth and insisted, falsely, that Obama’s health proposal was nothing but a “government takeover” have a lot of nerve complaining about the “demagoguery” against Ryan.

    But in this case, turning the other cheek is practical advice. Ryan is not losing this argument because of what his opponents are saying, or because voters don’t “understand” what he’s up to. He’s losing because Americans are alarmed that they are paying ever more for coverage, co-pays and deductibles. And they’re weary of battling over health bills with insurance-company bureaucrats.

    Americans may not trust government, but they don’t trust insurance companies much, either. So it should surprise no one that they are skeptical of any proposal likely to reduce the insurance guarantees the government already provides them. In particular, they don’t want government to back away from its existing health-care commitments if part of the purpose of retreating is to protect the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Among Ryan’s critics, everyone acknowledges that rising health-care costs are a problem. One of the central purposes of the Affordable Care Act was to contain those costs. The reform cut Medicare spending by a half a trillion dollars over a decade — spending reductions that Republicans freely demagogued in last year’s election campaign.

    Here’s the basic difference before us: Conservatives want government to play less of a role in paying for health insurance. Progressives believe that government will inevitably play a growing role in the provision of health insurance because if it doesn’t, more Americans will lose their coverage.

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