Before Mitt Romney Calls The Cops… Independent News Sources Put Romney-Ryan & GOP’s Obama Medicare”Thievery Claims” On Blast

We know Mitt Romney likes to impersonate the police and arrest people.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are continuing to peddle their misleading claims about Medicare – ignoring their own plans, and relying on false rhetoric instead of facts:

From the Des Moines Register: “To hear Mitt Romney tell it, President Barack Obama is a thief. The Republican presidential candidate says Obama “robbed” $700 billion from Medicare. This campaign rhetoric is a reference to changes made in the health reform law. Before Romney calls the cops, he should do a little more research. Then he might actually commend Obama.”


“But some politicians just keep pushing the idea. They keep saying that the private sector is better than the government at delivering health care. They keep hoping Americans will believe it’s true. Fortunately, Americans didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.”


“Romney and Ryan want Americans to think government can’t be trusted. Instead, we are supposed to trust — and give more tax money — to private insurers. Miraculously, that will cure what ails Medicare. It should be hard for seniors, or any American who plans on growing old, to get excited about that idea.”

Read what other news sources are saying about the fraudulent claims from the Romney-Ryan duo:

Boston Globe Editorial: Is the Medicare debate elevated or enervating? “So it was both puzzling and dispiriting to see Romney standing in front of a white board last week, pointing out that Obama has sliced $716 billion from Medicare while Romney-Ryan would restore full funding. These claims defy fact-checking because almost any provision, looked at in the abstract, can be presented as either a cut or an attempt to deliver benefits more efficiently.”

New York Times: An Unserious Man “On top of this, Mr. Ryan includes the $716 billion in Medicare savings that are part of Obamacare, even though he wants to scrap everything else in that act. Despite this, Mr. Ryan has now joined Mr. Romney in denouncing President Obama for ‘cutting Medicare’ … If this sounds like a joke, that’s because it is.”

Meanwhile, as the Washington Post states, Romney is not giving up his [false] welfare attack:

News from OFA

OFA today released seven state-specific radio ads highlighting the disastrous impact that the Romney-Ryan budget would have:

Today, Obama for America released seven radio advertisements detailing the impact of the extreme Romney-Ryan budget on investments critical to a strong middle-class and a growing economy. From letting the housing market hit rock bottom to turning Medicare into a voucher system and slashing investments in education, the Romney-Ryan approach is consistent with their belief in a top-down economy – provide trillions in tax cuts to those at the top and pay for it with tax hikes on the middle-class and deep cuts in key investments we need to create jobs and grow our economy. America can’t afford to go back to the same policies that crashed our economy and punished the middle-class – we need to continue moving forward toward an economy built to last that strengthens the middle-class by paying down our deficit in a balanced way while making the investments critical to a growing economy.

The radio ads will highlight the following issues:

·        In Florida, voters will hear how experts have said that the Romney-Ryan plan turns Medicare into a voucher and takes away the guarantee that millions of Floridians count on.

·        In Iowa, voters will hear how clean energy would be slashed under the Romney-Ryan budget, threatening Iowa’s status as a leader on wind energy jobs.

·        In Nevada, voters will hear how the Romney-Ryan plan would let the housing market hit the bottom and how Ryan voted against a bill to protect veterans and active duty service members from foreclosures.

·        In New Hampshire, voters will hear how under the Romney-Ryan budget, 21,000 college kids in New Hampshire would see their Pell Grants cut by $800.

·        In North Carolina, with so many families suffering from the impact of PTSD, voters will hear how Ryan voted against $20 million tailored to help with post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide prevention.

·        In Ohio, voters will hear how the Romney-Ryan budget could cut Pell grants for up to 356,000 Ohio students – putting college out of reach for many families.

·        In Virginia, voters will hear how the Romney-Ryan plan slashes investments in road and infrastructure projects and how Ryan even opposed bridge repair and safety bills as a member of Congress.

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6 Responses to Before Mitt Romney Calls The Cops… Independent News Sources Put Romney-Ryan & GOP’s Obama Medicare”Thievery Claims” On Blast

  1. Beth says:

    I listen to the radio, it’s my afternoon info. Of course, I listen to progressive talk radio. However, my husband, who drives over the road, listens to talk radio of the other side. Conservative? More like angry, pumped-up scream, shout and complain! And it seems to be a vicious circle of misinformation, some deliberate, some pure ignorance..delivered in that snide, bitter, kind of way. This makes me crazy because the lies are repeated constantly and these guys buy into it. You hear it enough, it will become your reality. Sad to say.

  2. Kurt says:

    A apologize. Didn’t mean to be contrary. I agree with the messages, just wonder if that’s the wisest way to spend our already limited funds.

    • Ametia says:

      I hear you, Kurt. The medium in which the message is delivered is crucial; and I actually thought about the radio delivery too. It’s another way to reach the masses. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  3. Ametia says:

    Romney’s attacks on Obama and welfare deemed false by fact checkers

    Republican Mitt Romney is renewing his criticism of President Barack Obama’s welfare policy, accusing him in a new ad of “gutting welfare reform.” The ad says Romney would “put work back in welfare.”

    Romney says Obama lifted a provision that required people receiving welfare to work. Independent fact checkers have found the premise of the ad to be false.

    Last month, Obama moved to allow states to seek waivers from some welfare rules. To get a waiver, states must show their plans would move at least 20 percent more people to work.

    Conservatives say waivers will lead to an end of the work requirement. Romney was among several Republican governors who signed a letter in 2005 asking for more flexibility.

    Read more:

  4. Kurt says:

    Who still listens to the radio?

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