Mitt Romney’s Radical VP Pick; Relying on Blatently Dishonest Ads; While Mitt Continuing to Withold His TAX RETURNS

Mitt Romney continues to run blatantly dishonest ads on the Obama administration’s welfare order. Independent news organizations and fact-checkers have repeatedly denounced these attacks as false:

Politifact: “Pants on Fire”

Washington Post: “Four Pinocchios”

Huffington Post: Romney Campaign Falsely Accuses Obama Of Gutting Welfare In New Ad:

AP: Romney renews welfare attack in new ad “Independent fact checkers have found the premise of the ad to be false.”

Des Moines Register: Romney’s welfare talk misses reality:

OFA Statement on Romney’s new ad:

o  “If Mitt Romney wants to take politics out of the gutter, he might want to start with his own campaign ads. Independent news organizations, President Clinton, and a Republican author of welfare reform have already called these attacks blatantly dishonest, but Romney’s campaign continues to run with them….Mitt Romney may think his only path to victory is through running dishonest ads like this one, but the American people deserve better.”—Lis Smith, campaign spokeswoman

Whether it’s cutting taxes for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, ending Medicare as we know it, or his extreme views on women’s health and rights,the whole country is talking about how bad Paul Ryan would be for America:

This new OFA campaign video highlights Floridians’ reaction to the cuts to Medicare as proposed in the Romney-Romney budget:

NY Times Editorial: The Romney-Ryan Plan for America “It’s no wonder that Mr. Romney does not want to take full responsibility for his running mate’s ideas.”

AP:  Tea party gets its man in Ryan for vice president “It’s a big step toward what the tea party has been trying to accomplish,” said Matt Kibbe, the president and CEO of FreedomWorks, a national group aligned with the tea party.

The American Prospect : “The public has little idea how radical Romney’s VP pick is.”

Mother Jones:  Paul Ryan in Six Charts:How He’d Bring Romney’s Taxes Close to Zero

Michelle Goldberg: Paul Ryan’s Extreme Abortion Views“Indeed, on abortion and women’s health care, there isn’t much daylight between Ryan and, say, Michele Bachman.”

Ed Kilgore: Understanding Paul Ryan:  “I’m quite sure another thing that makes him tick, as Ialluded to earlier, is a longtime opposition to gay rights”

Check out the Truth Team post on where Ryan stands on women’s rights:

And in general:

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