Nuns On The Bus: First Stop Des Moines, Iowa | Mitt’s On A Boat: Next Stop Dubuque, Iowa!

Just getting around to posting about these courageous Sister of faith. Here’s a recap of the issue:

Vatican Report on US Catholic Nuns

EXCERPT AND VIDEO: BOB ABERNETHY, host: The Vatican released a major report this week cracking down on the umbrella group that represents most of the Catholic nuns in the United States. The report criticized the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) for what it called “serious doctrinal problems.” While acknowledging the group promotes social justice, the report faulted the sisters for being silent on other issues dealing with the right to life, including abortion and euthanasia. Members of the conference were also chastised for publicly challenging the Catholic bishops on certain occasions.

Check out:  NUNS ON THE BUS WEB SITE for details on the Paul Ryan budget.

Meanwhile, GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann are touring the country.    You know, Mitt Romney thinks the Paul Ryan budget is Marvelous!

They’re traveling the country in this

And driving the high seas in Dubuque, Iowa on this:

Oh the sheer irony here. Nuns touring the country to EDUCATE and SUPPORT Americans in need, and Mitt Romney touring the country insulting American voters, evading the press, lying about the president, and touting the job-killing, medicare/social security slashing, tax cuts for his rich pals, anti-abortion, anti-immigration policies to the willing voters who might not like him, but would rather see anyone in the White House but the black guy.


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4 Responses to Nuns On The Bus: First Stop Des Moines, Iowa | Mitt’s On A Boat: Next Stop Dubuque, Iowa!

  1. johnnie stallings says:

    I love it, I love it , this when you know God is on your side. Now they decided to start on Holder, Do they not know that holder knows the law? This gets better and better. as I said God is using PBO to bring all of those devils out of their closets and now we know who they are. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

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