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Mitt Romney Wants To Take Us Backward on Health Care

Does Romney know something Americans don’t know regarding the outcome of the (SCOTUS) Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling on the Obama adminsitation’s landmark HCR BILL?  *Note: we may hear as early as Monday, June 18 on SCOTUS decision. ROMNEY:  “STRIKE DOWN OF HEALTH CARE … Continue reading

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FACT CHECK: Romney’s Plan Would Slow The Recovery, Explode The Deficit

In an appearance on CBS This Morning (video), Romney senior adviser Ed Gillespie said that Mitt Romney’s only ideas to grow the economy are to repeal Obamacare and cut taxes. What Gillespie didn’t mention is that independent economistshave said Romney’s policies … Continue reading

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Serendiptiy SOUL | Tuesday Open Thread | Jazz Week!

Marsalis is the surname of an American family of jazz musicians including (from eldest to youngest): Ellis Marsalis, pianist; father of the others listed here: Branford Marsalis, saxophonist Marsalis Music, a record label founded by Branford Marsalis Wynton Marsalis, trumpet … Continue reading

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